My favorite narrative right now in crypto is people

February 7, 2021, 6:15 am
My favorite narrative right now in crypto is people
My favorite narrative right now in crypto is people saying that it would somehow be catastrophic for the space if $ETH flipped $BTC. Catastrophic in what way? Will all the coins suddenly go to 0? Will crypto be banned by China again? Will everyone lose faith? Give me a break.

Only a matter of time before people realize the true value in superior tech with new blockchains.

So Ive used AAVE this year without thinking to invest in AAVE. This made me realize how DeFi is a whole different beast. 2017 I couldnt use any of the coins even if I wanted to lol.

Bruise a lot of egos! Believing anything can happen is a good way to look at this space. Believing after 12Yrs what is today must be in the future is bat shit crazy & this type of normalcy bias thinking is to blame for some of my biggest investment opportunity costs last 25~ yrs.

Ethereum will not even be in the top 2 in 12 months. Dont worry about flipping bitcoin.

faith is operative and yes most people will

Not if both of their fees stay so high

Best thing that could happen for crypto would be for nakamoto consensus to die before the whole space becomes toxic

I like "Ethereum Store of Value". It`s better than "World Computer" or "Code is Law"


Future me looks back on these days in awe. Life is easy with my layer 2 smart wallet connected to many dexes via an indexer that always gives me best price on trades. Ethereum will be in the background. Just like BGP, OSPF, etc are all in the background for internet today.

It might wake people up to an impending horrendous proof of consumption carbon dioxide creating crisis

Possible but super far away. I cant imagine the transaction fee Im this case

They`re actually capable of working together synergistically well.

Join Robinhood with my link and we`ll both get a free stock Yeah, is this not even close *this cycle*, or not even close ever? The first I can understand, the second is insane.

Holding both is the move.

Definitely has. Trust me, I have a love/hate relationship with the BTC maxis. They are/were hugely important to the space but their net positive contributions may vanish if they end up turning the masses away from the space due to their binary thinking and toxicity.

Agree with you, both *WBTC and ETH can co-exist

Ethereum can exist without bitcoin, bitcoin cannot exist (with any significance) without Ethereum

Who is talking about this? First time Ive heard it. Not happening in any case, not even close, and thats not an insult to Ethereum.

Glad the convo is happening tho

It`s just like i need a women and i need a diffrent but they can co - exist!!! Well i like $ETH so much!!

But narratives is what makes up so much of the reality operate in. As has said, there are two types of 2 truths 1) social consensus truths 2) technical/laws of nature truths The crypto domain falls into 1 and so far BTC has a big lead over ETH PS: I like ETH too.

People like options. Nobody is choosing android or apple because its better. Some people like android and some people like apple. Some people hate both based on principle. These people will all continue to coexist.

Its not happening soon

I present to you my crypto investing master thesis: What does MAXI mean? 100% btc?

"It WoUlD bRaKe tHe NaRrAtIvE tHaT cRyPtOcUrReNcY iS sCaRcE" LMAO, if scarcity was the only thing that gives value to crypto, I would just fork Bitcoin and limit the supply to 100.

The space would be free from pet rock market cycles.

If it does flip, there`ll be so much salt from maxis the planet could be at risk of dehydration. Catastrophic for the planet.

Catastrophic for BTC. That whole digital gold thing only sells if its numero uno.

I think it would refresh the public`s entire perception of the space. Suddenly it`s about apps, software, and connecting people instead of a money cult.

What do you think of Polkdot, ATOM, and Cardano?

Im holding ETH til my baby momma come back.

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