My “either everyone is crazy or I am” cultural

September 15, 2021, 2:46 pm
My “either everyone is crazy or I am” cultural
My either everyone is crazy or I am cultural phenomenon that I dont get is the Apple Watch. Why pay $300 for a new source of daily battery anxiety, incomprehensible complications, and 30 apps you never use? Been giving it a shot from series 1 to 6 but its still subpar.

Yea it`s never stuck for me. Best use case I found is working out but I`ll stick with it for a week or so and then it gathers dust

Mine smashed dead a few months ago and I decided to go without until the next one. Main things I miss.. paying for stuff with Apple Pay (phone is way slower/difficult) and taking impromptu voice notes when I have ideas (same).

* I use the "Find my phone" feature more than I care to admit * Set timers often * I hook my iPhone up to a projector and control with my watch when working out I know these aren`t compelling arguments.

Its far from perfect but I appreciate being able to read texts and other notifications I set up without unlocking my phone and the fitness and sleep tracking is helpful. And I bought the Herms version since my previous daily watch was a Tiffany CT-60 and I do miss using that

2 Biggest things making me consider one (or android version): Spotify while running, w/o phone armband, and can read/respond texts from people you are meeting up with (e.g. surfing)

I love the mi band. $30 and has all of the things without apps.

LoopKit on the phone connects with CGM, and has a Watch app/widget which can display the reading and issue alerts when going low or high. I`m sure eventually it won`t need the phone, though

I used to think they were useless or a waste. I had a Samsung smart watch years ago that didnt last long and couldnt do enough. I took a chance with the AW6 and I think its finally adequate. Still expensive making it a luxury, but Im totally happy

Hold the side button and "start jog" or "set a timer for 30 minutes" or reply to text messages while your phone is in the locker or control your music or check your blood sugar on the homescreen with LoopKit, or unlock your mac with it, or...

I LOVE the Apple Watch 6. - Battery lasts long enough for full day. Even used it as a sleep tracker just by charging when I shower - Limited notifications (took some effort) - Allows me to do simple actions without getting sucked into my phone - Looks good, like real jewelry

I just like getting my notifications on my wrist, personally. Without that, I miss messages at work (or elsewhere, but at work it is a problem) because Im hyper-focused on something. The fitness tracking and such is a nice bonus too.

Chronic health issues, make wearables like the Apple Watch a wonderful part of life. I cant wait until it can detect blood glucose levels.

I wouldn`t buy a wearable that I would need to charge on a daily basis

I realized that long ago w/o spending 6*300$+ on a fad.

Change the band?

Pebble wasn`t discontinued, they went out of business. Between Apple killing some integration when iWatch came out & a few products that weren`t successful, they died. You can still find some for sale occassionally & has a work-alike app with firmware

What about cheaper alternatives like Amazfit Bip for a third of the price but similar ability as far as I can tell?

My Apple Watch series 5 helped me build a daily habit of exercise and drastically improve my fitness which resulted in losing 20kg/ 3 stone. I challenge myself a lot more now, for example this weeks goal is 20k+ steps each day.

Remove apps you dont use.

I just use it for the activity tracking and reminders, notifications. I think the medical alerts on newer models are attractive to an upgrade. Im on series 3 still, might upgrade in a year or two

But there`s a complication to tell me when Venus will be visible in my area!

Easy access to notifications when away from phone Good fitness tracking Able to see live weather and calendar at a glance By far the main reason: make your iPhone do an alert sound when youve lost it for the 1000th time between your couch cushions

Totally agree I think working in software has me more psyched on old mechanical watches that self wind through daily motion and can run forever.

makes Apple Watch look like a Fitbit

A real watch is so much nicer. And for 300$ you can get a fairly nice piece that will last you decades.

For me the main reason would actually be able to leave my phone at home when going out for a run or biking, where I still want to have access to music/podcasts while also recording my activity.

I use mine to check tides before going in ocean, watch temp/AQI/UV/conditions for outdoor sports, find my phone, answer calls, make contactless purchases, send texts, control music and podcasts, see my next meetings, alarms, track workoutsI even use Siri!

I use it mainly for tracking sports. I have a cellular version, so I dont need to carry the phone with me. When I go running I can stream music or audiobooks from my watch. If somebody really needs to contact me during my workout they can call me on my watch.

Carefully filtered notifications safes times at the computer; Its great for workouts (especially at the gym, I can keep my phone in the locker); it shows time; I take it off before sleep, and charge it over night so 0 anxiety really. You can track sleep, but the charge is quick

I agree to an extent, I turn off notifications on my watch but I love it for the fitness and health tracking

Same. Never had one, never felt I needed one.

I mean, it can make your phone ring...

A smart watch is my idea of hell. No. More. Notifications. Please.

I borrowed one for a few months earlier this year, first one since 1st Gen. I was dreading having more notifications, but turns out it works really really nicely for calendar events, timers, and quick voice memos without getting sucked into my phone. Maybe an ADHD thing

Every single person I know that has an Apple watch just gets even more distracted than they already were before the Apple watch. They will peek on it multiple times during a conversation, it`s so annoying.

Ive been considering an Apple Watch to limit the wear on the edge of my pockets by taking out my phone less. So far, I havent been able to justify the investment.

Well, 30 apps you almost never use. I go for a run without a phone and that alone to me is super convenient. But yeah, if I`m not doing that, I don`t think its worth it, other than the status symbol in particular regions.

Its a fitness device first and foremost. Dont think Apple knew that initially. I moved to SE from other fitness devices and was impressed. However if you dont need exercise tracking, arent interested in home gym fitness & you are agnostic about Apple Pay Id say youre fine.

Its a $300 device to unlock your MacBook when you are near. And also tell you the time without needs to look at your phone. Isnt this so magic?

The cultural phenomenon isnt the tech itself, its the phenomenal ability of a company to convince people to part with $300 six times for something subpar.

One thing many owners miss is that the Sport Loop is way more comfortable than other bands. The rubber band sucks. If youve been on/off with the Watch get the Sport Loop

I love my old Series 3. For running alone its worth it. Seeing pace and heart rate has been a game changer. The Fitness app is great. Not having to pull out your phone for reading short messages you cant go back from that. + many more features (like sleep tracking).

It makes my phone bing when I cant find it

Im a triathlete and backpacker, and much prefer the Garmin watches. The maps on the Garmins are great when you have no signal in the wilderness, and the battery life and sports metrics are way better on Garmin.

I`m with you. My Seiko SKX007 never needs charging and has been going for 10 years now. Looking forward to 10 more

Its a must have for me! I spend less time on my phone if all I want is to check time. Fitness tracking! Complete rings make me so happy! Apple Pay! Makes life so easy and swift at checkout in stores! And Im excited because Apple Fitness+ will now be available in more countries!

10/10 would rather have a normal watch that costs $300 than a smartwatch. The one I own I really like but the battery charging is a pain in the ass.

I need fewer notifications in my life, not more. I need fewer options on how to reach me, not more. I need fewer devices to remember to charge every day, not more.

*Much* higher chance that I actually see notifications such as calendar reminders, messages, and even phone calls which previously I would miss. This makes a huge difference for me. The Due app and complication I use all the time. But its defintely not something everyone needs

Anything better for fitness tracking ? Even Fitbit has problems :/

I had an android watch which I loved but used an older Fitbit for gym stuff. I feel like they`re all just getting worse :(

I like the Fitbit more for this tracking, but they seriously break constantly.

I got one for the exercise tracking, and Ive been pleasantly surprised at how handy I find the integration with my phone. Its buzzes for ky next turn for navigation even. Plus, I can ping my phone from it.

Cause the Fitbits breaks every few months.

Not an apple fan for anything but laptops, but that sweet little keyboard if I can shave down my finger tips a bit and increase my finger agility ten fold, whats stopping me from programing one handed, from my wrist anywhere in the world...!

Shawn: I don`t get it Also Shawn: BOUGHT IT FIVE TIMES OVER wouldn`t you have figured it out after maybe the 2nd one?

I`d use a smartwatch when there`s a breakthrough in battery technology.

I love the social aspect of the fitness tracking app. I compete with my friends on a weekly basis. They inspire me to exercise and push myself - I love it! Other watches have that too, but it feels like another feed I have to use. Its not personal like the Apple Watch.

I concur. I would be willing to charge a watch once a month maybe once a week. I need to wear it 24h otherwise I dont see the point. Every 8? Cmon what for? to read messages on the wrist without taking my phone out?

My wife uses it to find her phone at least 20x per day. I never got into it myself

Until it can shoot lasers, I`m out You mean the hang up on spam calls from a distance feature didnt hook you?

I can go phone free for many things like working out and going shopping.

Going for a run without my phone and still get podcasts and strava

Agreed. I really dont get it. Some say calendar events but I think thats a hammer looking for a spike; not an actual problem being solved.

I was reluctant since I hadnt worn a watch in years. Ive turned off nearly all notifications. I mostly use it for quick Siri access to create reminders, turn on/off my HomeKit lights, and set timers. Also exercise motivation. And of course, check the time. it.

Five made a big difference. I like unlocking my Mac, 1pw and vpn with it. I like running with it. Theres definitely perks over a plain wristwatch. Could it be better? Sure. Id ditch the bubble-view of apps and simplify the heck out of it.

Disable all notifications and use it like a glorified Fitbit

I`ve been using Garmin Fenix for few years and it`s amazing. Don`t have to worry about charging it every day even with daily runs.

That makes sense - I like it as a quick interface for "start GPS logging... now stop logging" but there`s no reason that couldn`t be done with software on the phone instead I also have 560k heart rate measurements from the watch dating back to 2016! Not sure what to do with that

Same here. The battery needs to get an order of magnitude better with the form factor simultaneously shrinking for the watch to become a usable device worn daily. Not happening any time soon, unfortunately.

Wrist is fun 99% fair. My Garmin did all of this with 5-day battery life. I broke down earlier this summer when I had a rare episode of AFib. My doctors asked me if I had an Apple watch and said the ECG app is medically useful. Since then it helps me know Im OK. Thats my 1 (per)cent!

My main usage of it is as a GPS logger that I have total control over - I start an "outdoor walk" any time I`m out somewhere interesting and export the GPS points from the iPhone Health app later - 2.5m points and counting!

Being able to go on a bike ride or run while listening to a podcast and receive an emergency call or text is really nice. I`d never get it without cellular.

Not for hardcore athletes which Im not but its been great for motivation w the rings and counters. i use audible on it and a lot of the various features the iPhone has without having to carry it around. Oh yea and it unlocks my macs for me.

Youre forgetting the killer app. It tells time.

I love the notifications of messages and calls that I get on my watch since I don`t have phone with me all the time in the house

The original Pebble was SO good!

It unlocks your laptop or your phone when your mask is on. Apple Pay is dead simple with just your watch. Total time saver, things are just easier.

Are you still going to try out the next one?

Fitness benefits aside, I use it for home automation, quick texts or phone calls, Nanogram for Telegram stuff, directions in carplay to tap my wrist while driving, discreet notifications ... It may not be for everyone but i find its utility useful

The Apple Watch is one of those products where the vast majority of features are useless, but the few that are valuable are really valuable. Im a big fan of Siri reminders (which I dont use my phone for because Im not a glued-to-my-phone type of person).

Isnt this the thing - you dont need to know what the rings means, they should just engage you to a healthier life?

I tried it once a few years ago (I think Model 3 in 2017), and yeah, I agree with you. Too many distractions, not enough battery life. I can see the appeal as a tool for certain types of sports though.

Purchased a Series 3 (199) just over a year ago to track my steps. The best features for me are: - Apple Pay (including Express Travel) - Responding to MFA push notifications

Terrorist watch (Casio F-91W) for the win. Almost indestructible, waterproof (to 1500ft with oil hack), and $15...

I like that I can carry less or choose redundancy. Phone can be left at home/run out of battery, still have calls & cards on me. Wrist is more convenient for some things. Payments, 2FA approvals, time. UV index on watch face. I live in the world`s skin cancer capital.

It survives everywhere! Garmin watches are super underrated. Tons of fitness stats, minimal smart features, still plays music, no laggy screens, and 2 week battery life. Just doesn`t have the unnecessary bright colorful screen.

2 Factor Auth That is my primary scenario.

Heres how I use mine: notifications when Im on the bike. My phone isnt reachable easily. Texting while Im in the bike using Siri telling my wife when Ill be home. Running. Swimming. Its subpar for an actual exercise watch, but the rest make up for it (for me)

Nike had a cool product, Jawbone too. Eh it was all going this direction eventually.

To those people: You should get an Oculus instead! Also touch grass once in a while...

Serious question: what makes the complications incomprehensible?

No regrets

You do not need to carry your phone when going for runs

I have a fitbit brand horween leather band for mine and I love it. The stock band left my wrist with a bit of a rash usually.

Unlocks your iPhone when you`re wearing a mask

Theres a 4, 5 and 6 rev in my household. Its an expensive but rather useful piece of tech. I appreciate the level of integration for sure. No anxiety. It pays off the longer you get to use it.

I so don`t get it that I never cared in the first place.

Waiting for Tesla to release an update that lets me talk to my car via watch like KITT. Anything that gets me closer to Knight Rider is a win in my book!

Keep your eye on the time. I have one and its very pebble-esc

I don`t have an Apple Watch but then again I had a feature phone until 2011 because I was almost never without my laptop in a location with wifi

I appreciate the quantified self angle in a nice package. On that note, would have been great to see Alcohol blood level and blood pressure monitoring.

It unlocks my computer automatically. I kind of love that.

I use it for weather, meetings and most importantly these days (in SF) AQI info

It has some of the best fitness tracking I`ve ever used. Also, the silent vibrating alarm is a game changer.

Apple Watch+podcasts +AirPods = Go on a run without the phone . Thats my biggest hook, podcast episodes are ready to go on the watch, so just pickup your headphones and go for a run

I loved my FitBit for exercise tracking and then they ruined their app with thirsty up-sell notifications so I reluctantly switched to Apple Watch, which is not as good for exercise tracking but doesn`t show me ads constantly.

If youre doing multi sport running/cycling/running the Fitbit quality isnt there. Garmin/Apple are far superior in terms of GPS accuracy and quality.

I use to because it gamifies my fitness hehe The every hour reminder to stand is also v good for me

I just like gadgets a smart is cool to me. My wife and I use the walkie talkie fairly often. Hey can you change Jace diaper And I like tracking my stats when I take walks

People tell me it helps them check their phone less but the same people are always on their watch

I live with the idea of charging iPhone every day, but I refuse to do the same with watch. Plain and simple, the battery should last at least a week.

I can make the watchface the next item on my to do list so it`s basically a fancy way of writing the things I need to do on the back of my hand

its cute and it helps me work out, simple as that

I like mine but I dont know why. Its just useful enough that I prefer wearing to not wearing it.

I see the benefits but after wearing an Android Wear watch for a year, I bailed and went back to mechanical watches. Now I can still look down my nose at people but my watch tells the time even if I don`t plug it in. It even has the *date*!

Apple is more accurate on things like steps and heart rate. It also lets you connect an external hr monitor. I didnt get much longevity out of any newer Fitbit (I had 5 models total). You can get a 3rd party app for anything on Apple. Its the best for iPhone + fitness imo

Same. I have been using a Garmin watch for the last 5 years (mostly because it has better fitness features but also because I dont really get Apple Watch).

Great for sleep tracking. Also looking fwd to the day is can track blood glucose non-invasively - thatll be a game changer

I don`t know much about the fitbit, but for me the screen is pretty crucial. I use it as a stop watch while training, compete in challenges with friends.

The Apple Watch is the best wearable fitness/sleep tracker on the market. If you aren`t leveraging that particular aspect, then it`s unlikely to do much your phone doesn`t already do better.

being able to easily unlock phone while wearing a mask is my main motivator right now to remember to charge it

I like it so I can listen to podcasts and music without my phone. Other than its just a watch.

On a more serious note, I`m pretty sure Apple Watch and Fitbit kept me from getting fired during some of the more difficult times of my life saved my butt with reminders so many times

Youve 1800$ on it over the course of 6 years. Apple is happy. Thats it

i turned all the notifications off so its just a watch my tattoos make it work weird stronglifts app is handy

1.) unlocking MacBook 2.) workouts 3.) controlling music while working out/driving Worth the price for those alone I think

The fitness tracking aspects are something I use every day.

It vibrates when I`m about to miss a meeting. That`s it.

I do like that I can unlock my phone with a mask on and tell the time. Other than that don`t really care for it.

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