My cousin in Ohio won`t switch to Android because

September 15, 2021, 1:15 pm
My cousin in Ohio won`t switch to Android because
My cousin in Ohio wont switch to Android because his friend did and everyone left him. They all use iMessage. His friend was weeks away from getting married, now the girl called off the wedding. So just pray on it & make sure youre comfortable with ur decision, not bullied

I thiught iOs Vs Android is over and now is just used as sarcasm by us tech nerds

Wait a secis this real?????

Its a joke people, pointing fun at the stupidity of judging someone by their choice of phone and ultimately the colour of their txt bubble. Luckily not an issue anywhere outside the US

Oh dam. That was sneaky

That`s why I have an Android phone

Ok but seriously, i don`t understand the whole imessage thing in America. Nobody even uses it abroad. Its literally an irrelevant feature, plus a lot of android manufacturers have a similar feature in their own messaging apps

I have a cousin whos friend switched to Android. Now his friend got COVID-19. Explain that if you can.

I think he needs to find new friends!!

whatsapp with you friend?

A very American problem. The rest of the world use WhatsApp as the default messaging service even for iPhone users. Curious that Americans don`t use it.

So your cousin got Chlamydia and blamed Android?

But did your cousin in Ohio get vaxxed?

you got me..

Sounds about right. iPhone or go home.

Oh boy... An another iMessage effect on innocent people

if she doesn`t marry a person for using android,then first of all she doesn`t deserve to marry anyone, cuz she should fix her "understanding of life" first

But how are his testicles?

And I should have read the comments first lol

looks like an ego problme

Adam`s dry wit is so dry that people are taking him seriously. Then again, this is also the internet. It`s not always obvious who is joking and who is not.

if switching to android makes my balls bigger SIGN ME UP

For a hot second I took this seriously because ive known people to be excommunicated from friendship groups for leaving iMessage in the US so this isnt outside the realm of possibility

I guess this won`t get fact checked by Twitter

For the uninitiated: You`re better off without `friends` like that who would give you up over the phone you use

That`s when you know it wasn`t meant to be.

Sounds like an Ohio problem

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