My ability to break in brand new iPhones is

October 27, 2021, 1:03 am
My ability to break in brand new iPhones is
My ability to break in brand new iPhones is truly unmatched

Just say you hate iPhones I mean its clearly shown.

Just using it for social media and stuff, like you do, and then... I think you meant to say "The amount of scratches iPhones get is unmatched"

What did you do to it?

Ouch Max why would you post this now people are gonna learn the truth about the ceramic shield scratch resistance I want them to not know this information because I am an apple lover

I think this is iPhone 12 Pro Max

Do you just drop kick your phone from room to room instead of putting it in your pocket? Like Jesus.


Yup, I will continue to use a screen protector and case for my 13 ProI couldnt use my phone if it looked like that

How tf does it get that badly scratched...

How though, cause I also dont use a screen protector and mine looks nothing like that, hell my 12 pro max didnt look like that when I returned it

Just wear a case on it !

Have we considered a case and screen protector

You so rich carry diamond dust in your pocket

What did you do? Tie it behind your car?

Do you just very intentionally scrap your iphones against everything

oh my... idk how you do this everytime but you`re strengthening my habit of absolutely using a case and protective glass at all times. ...what if I have the same curse??

iPhones are some of the most fragile phones though. That`s not much of an accomplishment lol.

Ever considered buying a case?

You are the ultimate durability tester!

I went through about 6 phones last year due to my own clumsy self

My SamsungS8 still running fine. 4+ years. I still get flagship updates.

Only a couple months old. It`s good. It means it`s just a device for you. Some people just take care too much, like the phone was their brain or something...

Why are you sharpening your kitchen knifes with ceramic shield of the iPhone?

Even the flat design and slightly raised stainless steel frame couldn`t save it from you

What the hell do you do, drag it behind you on a leash? I traded in a one year old iPhone last month that I used for a year with no case or screen protector and it was damn near perfect

At least you acknowledge it now.

No iPhone should be released by Apple before it has passed the Max Winebach durability test (i.e. 24 hours with Max).

I dont even know how you do this under normal use. Damn

Stop cutting cocaine on your phone dude!

Thats how rich I wanna be .. to be able to use my iPhone daily without a phone case Wtf, you must be skating on it or something

Im more confused than anything

Max I question how your screen gets like that within a month

How does yours look like that? I dont even use a case on mine and it looks like new.

But seriously buy a protector lol.

Well that`s only because you get them for free.

How is that possible

Holy..... what are you doing throwing your phone all over the place

Dude do you use your phone as a construction tool or what?

Is iphone who cares.

Apple: using incompatible cloths may result in damaging your iPhone, use the Apple Cloth.

At this point you are doing it on purpose

The math aint mathing. Everyday use. Looks like you rag quit after every call and text.

Thats what privileges looks like people. Any other regular person who buys an expensive device takes care of it.

What in the world?

I swear its just Ceramic Shield is weak as hell to scratches. I had 2 12 minis last year put them in the same pocket walked to the shop to buy some stuff got my phone out to pay and realised they where both scratched to hell now from the other phones cameras bump

My phone I`ve had for 4 years doesn`t look like that stop abusing your phones

Max, stop leaving your iPhone on a belt sander when you go to bed.

Lol, so apple lie about ceramic shield then

Just get a screen protector when buying a brand new phone if you wanna keep resale value

How is the other guy?

Why don`t you just do like everyone and use screen protector x)

How is your screen that scratched lol?

I want to say it`s a talent... but.... yeah.... more a curse?

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