Most underappreciated game of all time? Got to be

June 29, 2021, 9:28 pm
Most underappreciated game of all time? Got to be
Most underappreciated game of all time?

Got to be Sly Cooper for me, probably the least popular of the PlayStation 2 mascots but each game was a masterpiece

Legend of Dragoon

There are two in my mind: Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War and Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner.

Also kinda forgotten, but one of my favorites Tales of Symphonia, I had so much fun playing that game when I was little and I wish it would get talked about a lot more

Prototype or shadows of the damned

Ivan Stewart`s Off-road

The Order 1886. Easily.

People really saying games everyone knows, big name titles aren`t gems. This is. Magicat has very unique platforming and ability, the boss fights and dialog is amazing. Very good indie game. Life is Strange 2

Fallout 4 it`s way overhated

Final Fantasy VIII

Enslaved: Odyssey of The West, EASILY

Alien Isolation. Easily one of the greatest games of all time! Although it certainly gets love from many, its not enough. This game should be 1 in so many ways! The music, game sounds, the AI and atmosphere is perfection. Might as well be real! Its wicked awesome!! YOOOOO it`s...ALPHA PROTOCOL

Donkey Kong Country 3

Really in joyed this game. Still waiting on a remaster To The Moon, game made me cry way more than I wouldve expected

Bushido blade 2, einhander, power stone, tenchu, Mars matrix, legend of legaia, breath of fire 3

Mario Part DS fight me

No one lives forever Best platformer Dragons dogma, great RPG that was under appreciated as there was loads of good RPG games at the time but it introduced RPG elements that games still use today and it was one of my favourite games

I`m not even sure how this is a competition Rock Paper Scissors.

From the developers of Hellblade. Very well made linear story game. Good characters and awesome world. An interesting detail was how the main character`s animations would change to be more careful with the girl throughout the story as they got to know eachother better. Battle for middle earth 2 on the Xbox ... Amazing on the console. Showed that an rts can be done on console. Hella fun. bringitback

I feel Days Gone didn`t get the support it deserved.

Oh and the Games from Hironobu Sakaguchi after he left SE and made his own Studio Mistwalker. I think some of those Games had really good Potential. Some newer ones i never played because mobile. I still think his 360 Games should get an Remake for Modern Consoles. (Just to be

Fallout new Vegas for sure

I think this is tough. But i think some Games from the SNES/PS1 Area are underappreciated. Like Secret of Evermore. A Game that never Hit Japan Market. Or Terranigma which never shipped to US Market. Both Games are REALLY good and i love them still to this Date. But there are

Control. My goodness this game flew under the radar. The Ashtray Maze was one of my favorite gaming moments.

Binding of Isaac

Pikmin, I haven`t seen anyone here talk about it so I know im right

This game is an incredible Turn based RPG with a unique battle system and a very engaging story. So glad I tried it but even with the 3DS release not many talk about it For some reason, The Longest Journey comes to mind. Before the Arkham Trilogy. There was this gem. I would say Detroit become human its so good to me that I feel as though even though its a story game it should get game of the year every year until gowr comes out

Vagrant Story, old PS Squaresoft game... overshadowed by the FF series and Chrono Cross

Not the most underrated but I hardly see people talk about it The first Kingdoms of Amalur

Legend of mana or breath of fire III

Puppeteer for the PS3, seriously this game was an amazing masterpiece of brilliant writing and wit that I still laugh like crazy playing today. The game of life.

Hulk ultimate destruction

No Man Sky, Its had alot of updates and it only gonna get bigger and better.

THE ORDER 1886...... My top 3 1 Life is strange 2 2 TLOU2 3 Days Gone

Kingdoms of Amalur

Watch Dogs 2. One of the most interesting open world games of the last gen. It suffered for its predecessors` faults, whilst fixing pretty much all of them. Has a few missteps of its own, but overall a fantastic game.

Classic Control, its on of the best game on the market, yes they win a lot of price but get a lot of hate because people dont understand whats the point of the game and which concept they bring in.

The Talos Principle

I dont know what to say regarding now (speaking of time) but Broforce thats an old game is still really good and I dont see a lot of coverage from people playing it, its amazing!

Parasite Eve. I wish the series would come back

Titanfall 2 Zelda 2 Blur Sleeping Dogs Psychonauts Avengers (yeah I said it)

Hands Down! Infamous Second Son is criminally forgotten

I dunno about of all-time, but Stuntman and Driver 2 were huge back in the day but relatively forgotten now

Mfs out here shouting out AAA games from the last few years that everyone knows here`s an ACTUAL underrated gem that no one remembers even though it`s exceptionally great fallout 4 Anthem. Yes, it had its issues, but it was absolutely gorgeous, and the flight aspect was truly unique. I absolutely enjoyed it.

Days gone Binary domain Spec ops the line Lost planet 3 Freedom fighters Darksiders 1 and 2 Order 1886 Killzone shadowfall Sleeping dogs Batman arkham origins CnC : renegade Lords of the fallen Nioh 1 and 2 Until dawn

Dishonored Splinter cell franchise. And the original Rainbow Six as well as Ghost Recons.. now everyone RT and like this so will finally make them again

Little Misfortune such a fantastically made game Dragon Quest, and Dynasty Warriors series

I wish Ape Escape made a new game to ps5.. i feel like Ape Escape kind of game could use full potential of new controller!

Tenchu on psone, if any game deserves a remake/reboot it is that

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