Mitch plays Yakuza 3: the going back 2 gaming

August 2, 2021, 9:44 am
Mitch plays Yakuza 3: the going back 2 gaming
Mitch plays Yakuza 3: the going back 2 gaming gens thread :

and I are playing through 3 too right now and this thread is chefskiss


Wow I`m surprised! Just make sure he doesn`t burn himself out on yakuza. I`d hate to let that give a negative impression

Is he gonna do them all back to back?

Whats up with Kiryu`s stomach? He`s lookin like hes breathing in his chest most of the time LMAO

Just make sure he does the orphanage side quests

Can`t wait for the scene. You know the one. And that`s no bull.

Is he playing on PS4?

The "Please, stop blocking" game. Me thinks Kiwami 2 has spoiled him lol

Of course he`s gonna have big forearms. All them tiger drops.

Great story, terrible execution Also, the biggest I`ve ever seen Kiryu

Look at the size of his forearms!!!! I think kiryu looks fine buuuuuuuut...........fair

i mean..... xd it was bound to happen

Mitch needs to respect the dad of Dojima


I can`t wait for his reaction when he starts fighting bosses

Just sweeping the streets nothing to see here Omg, Im scared lol

Same energy honestly That`s quality cross country form!

who the hell runs like that!? The best game cause its all about being a dad & dad stuff

I thought the kids were all running to uncle majima like kids no stay away

I bet kiryu wears those swim trunks under his suit

Finally, the dad of dojima

Id have said why does Kiryu look like he has slept for 5 years

Why does kiryu look like he has t slept in 5 years

here we go, mitch playing a 2009 game which people say that has aged poorly

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