-Homescreen Share iOS or Android https://t

June 27, 2021, 5:12 am
-Homescreen Share iOS or Android https://t
-Homescreen Share iOS or Android

here is mine Just my Essentials.. Dark mode everything Here is mine Yes I like that much clean!

Here you go .. Too much simple iOS launcher on android device

Messed up at bit :P My little humble Home Screen. Literally just got this phone today. Havent changed much Google has the best stock wallpapers!

Pretty much. Love my Nova Prime with custom icon pack

Thanks! There used to be a daily to-do list under the calendar. Didn`t like it much. On the look out for a new one.

Very well, hold the whole day, even though I play often (not so intensive games tho), and you know this days battery chargers are quite powerful so in a couple of minutes I top it ~85% to take good care of it

Btw, this one reacts to your phone movement, not move automatically hehe

Lol nah you might be right

Most likely with Lwp. I have 100`s of those so I switch sometimes after 2 days, and when I use static ones, I program to change each 2 or 3 hrs

Lol I try to be as organized as possible

Here`s mine....until I get bored... (Nova Launcher & 4d Lwp w/A12 icon pack. You know it bro. Thx

I had a huge files widget that got moved and I tried to move it back and all it ended up doing was pushing all the apps I had to a new page lol

Does iPadOS count (also my home screen just got ruined taking a screenshot of this) Thanks, so is yours !

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