Microsoft Store on #Windows11 will accept PWAs, UWP, Win32,

June 24, 2021, 11:41 pm
Microsoft Store on #Windows11 will accept PWAs, UWP, Win32,
Microsoft Store on Windows11 will accept PWAs, UWP, Win32, and Android apps.

Having stores inside the store app is *inception chef`s kiss*. Also LOVED closing thoughts about agency contains so much respect for intelligence.

That`s great news. Thx. Looking forward to publishing ...

Still fresh and juicy DeSeedEp Hecta - Afisimetso Ft Edem (Lyrics Video) Let the hacking begin

So I can use WSL2 to run VS Code to use MAUI to write a .NET 6 Android app that I can run on the Windows desktop? FINALLY Microsoft gets desktop development right

Android is an Amazon Appstore sidecar, not in the store itself, no?

That whole "bring your own commerce engine & keep all the revenue" was a big ol` to the rest of the industry. Windows Linux Android Keep your revenue if you want to bring your own engine to Apple, Google, Amazon for taking huge cuts of devs $ Love it

Im used to non grouped taskbar items. I wish Microsoft doesnt remove this feature. Also i have 50+ apps pinned to Windows 10 Start Menu. Windows 11 Start Menu is too basic for me.

win 32 is a good option, update without searching the devs sites or use 3rd apps that check apps update and it improves productivity and I like that. but I don`t know how windows install them. there is a setup box in win32 apps that allow users options in installation.

Androidmmm malware. The mitigation best be good.

Delivery format for Win32?

I hope Apple will follow the support for PWA in app store.

I am genuinely excited about Win32 apps in the Microsoft Store!

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