Microsoft officially unveils Windows 11! Here it is: It

June 24, 2021, 7:45 pm
Microsoft officially unveils Windows 11! Here it is: It
Microsoft officially unveils Windows 11! Here it is: It Still Looks Like SH*T - looks like Windows 10, with a theme - smells like macOS - no release date

Who cares what you think about it?

the have gave up on their apps ( windows apps) on their own store by letting Android apps run on Windows.

Itll grow on me. Especially in dark mode. Speaking of which, loving the site Jon

Lipstick on a pig

Bruh I don`t know what you are saying it looks good

Typical REVIEW by apple fanboy

I love how every comment on this is upset with his take.

That`s funny because litteraly everyone else is saying it looks good. It doesn`t have to be revolutionary to be a good os.

I disagree I like how it looks, I think it looks like they did most everything I saw with intention. It looks less thrown together than 10. But I mean we all have our own taste and thats okay. It does look like they took some cues from Apple but why not they make sleek stuff?

Apple fan voy... You know ios12=ios13=ios14=ios15 no innovaation what so ever... And it looks like

You forgot to mention Android apps on windows naively, no platform cuts with own commerce engine for paid apps and subscriptions? Also native linux like package manager? why would you bother

Theres no release date bc its just a figment of ur imagination

It`s only better if it looks like macOS

I`m starting to really like the design (and it`s windows so you can prob change everything), let`s hope it`s consistent

I really think it`s looking great! People love to complain!

Looks better than MacOS

: indeed - indeed - no it doesnt - RIP

Be nice, Jon lol It looks good!

Honestly, it does look good though. I just wonder how (consistent the redesign will be.

Well said! Straight copycat of IOS

Windows Insider Build next week, releases in the Fall

Its windows so its already sh*t

Apple fan boys always complaining. What would make you happy here? An arm reaches out thru the screen when you press the start menu icon and gives you a hand job?

Android apps on windows shore sounds like a data collecting nightmare. But if done with privacy front and center could be interesting

I remember when Microsoft said windows 10 would be the last big number change. Guess that didnt age well then. Lol

- Releases Fall, beta later this week - No it doesn`t - No it doesn`t

Looks like windows 10, macOS and Linux had a baby

I like it personally

Need more news on the pixel 6

A good design update but not a new OS.

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