Microsoft Is Already Building The Next Xbox Consoles And

June 10, 2021, 3:56 pm
Microsoft Is Already Building The Next Xbox Consoles And
Microsoft Is Already Building The Next Xbox Consoles And Streaming-Only Game Pass Hardware via

Tbh Nintendo seems to be impervious to almost any kind of moves made in the gaming space

Xbox is changing hearts and minds, while Sony is driving long time fans like myself toward xbox.

Nintendo is the true beast here. Followed by Game Pass.

A couple questions - curious on your thoughts Stadia streaming has better quality and consistency. Do you think Xbox can / has to get here? PS Now has over 800 games and currently can stream 1080p, but much limited in terms of devices. Do you think this could be a competitor?

Nvidias is superior, I`ve played both and game pass cloud on pc through browser was rough, 1gb connection.

PlayStation has the most important thing though, which is.. High Quality games. FACTS Watch them copy the DualSense features like they copied the share button.

Can`t even buy the current one or the PS5

Only good thing stadia has is destiny 2, and nearly no loading times on that game.

You knew this a year ago!

Xbox Series XSX

It`s time we accept that game streaming will always be niche. The latency dilemma is why. The vast majority of people interested in cloud gaming (willing to put up with the lag or can`t afford $500 consoles) will be the same people that don`t have access to low latency internet.

Sony has a proven track record of delivering fantastic blockbuster AAA games. Ultimately its quality over quantity. Gamepass in its current state is full of old games and quantity. Moving forward I really hope they make these big budget quality games. Competition is a good thing.

Every few years they could double the power.

I get that streaming is the next phase of gaming, on demand services and stuff but Paul. You have to be serious here. If the service goes down we can`t play games anymore. AAA Games now practically demand internet connections or you can`t play.

I still can`t even get a series x.

There still is one giant issue with Game Pass / Streaming game... and it really is directly out of their control. Bandwidth. Much of the potential market for this simply doesn`t have the bandwidth to make this viable for their location. I doubt it is resolved in this time frame.

Hahahahaha known lover of crossplay for sure

If someone don`t understand that is Paul, I`m going home. That burn was incredible and well-timed with healthy precision. Lets all go home

is this paid ad from M$ playing down the two other market leaders ? people still buying full price games and other type of subscriptions , which is a big indicator that not everybody is open for Game Pass (let`s not even talk about the quality or evens sales numbers )

Sony??! Love the fact there a audio thing for your article hate the fact it isnt your voice

PSnow is bigger than xcloud

Yeah as long as the publisher is willing to give them a monthly income lmao

Hi Paul, honest question here, if all I`m interested is the cloud aspect, why is Stadia/Luna not having a console an issue?

Nintendo has the reverse of this, you stream games onto the switch lol. Like Hitman I think, or control

They might even be out before we can all get our hands on the current gen.

Theyve been working on streaming hardware since before Xbox One came out. Originally it was a box that ran UWP apps and games The second they finish a console, the high level design team starts on the next one while the integration teams are working in reducing build costs.

sony isn`t trying to compete with gamepass. idk why you and many others keep thinking this. gamepass is good but not the be all end all..

Sony doesnt need gamepass filler tbh

Yet another reason why a Sony/Apple partnership makes sense for the future.

I`m still working under the assumption the MS will release an updated Xbox every two years or so from here on.

Imagine if Nintendo made a game pass though, all those first party titles. It would get my sub

Yeah but Sony is partnering with Discord making it the ultimate platform for crossplay

nobody really has anything to match this. Stadia and Luna don`t have consoles or first party games Sony has consoles but nothing close to an answer to Game Pass or these huge-scale streaming plans Nintendo...doesn`t care, Nintendo will do its own thing forever

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