“Microsoft is all in on gaming”

June 10, 2021, 1:59 pm
“Microsoft is all in on gaming”
Microsoft is all in on gaming Hear from and P3 why Xboxs mission to bring the joy and community of gaming to everyone on the planet is a priority for Microsoft. Read the full Q&A here:

P3 Final fantasy 7 remake

P3 As soon as I can get my hands on a series X, I`ll join you all.

P3 Cool, wheres crossfire x?

P3 I hope you guys fail here. This, to me, is a huge letdown.

P3 Wanna bring joy to everyone? You and Sony and Nintendo stop making systems and move all the games over to PC. Combine under 1 system

P3 E32021 has start the fanboys wars has begain

P3 Please. You`ve been all out of games since the Mattrick era, and now you want us to believe this BS? "All in on gaming". The balls on this guy. P3 rainbow

P3 Keep up the amazing work guys finally got my series x yesterday and it`s so dam good

P3 Are we getting any future acquisition hints from Nadella`s shelf?

P3 Oh everyone on the planet huh? Does this include PlayStation users? P3 SHOW ME THE GAMES!!!! P.S. Buy Metal Gear IP Phil!!

P3 Loving that MS is fully supporting Xbox now and going forward. Their investment let`s us know to expect a great future for Xbox.

P3 I wish the fanboys would follow the companies example P3 first 5 seconds Phil be like "3ami Satya fahamhom"

P3 I absolutely LOVE this! And P3 I love the shirt!

P3 All in? Someone should notify that Xbox is in gaming then. A real diverse gaming library and games released automatically on the platform would be a crucial step to make Xbox truly viable.

P3 Can we get a remake or sequel to Jade Empire or Lost Odyssey P3 P3 By removing long running franchises from other platforms. P3 Hopefully TTS will eventually be included in Killer Instinct so I can finally play and beat Shadow Lords to unlock the astral plane stage for poor Gargos. That guy`s been crashing at Shadow Jago`s stage for years, raiding his fridge, and he doesn`t pay rent!

P3 ...and the 4th most important thing is Big Phil Spencer. Without him, none of this would be happening right now. What a legend. P3 P3 when i was young i wouldnt dream a company ceo will talk about gaming like that. even if what he says there is 90% bs, its still amazing achievment by phil. well done!

P3 Except when getting the consoles to gamers.

P3 Love love

P3 Everyone make sure to check the background and see if theyre sneaking anything in again!

P3 So you don`t need to buy an Xbox and that means Xbox is dead & no longer needed! it`s just Game Pass. Game Pass is the new brand now!

P3 Xbox is 3rd party confirmed P3 I actually vomited when he said "democratizing gaming". This is such corporate word salad...

P3 Satya seems like a cool guy

P3 and yet still crashes on warzone everyday

P3 possible for phil just give up on japan

P3 Not lately when theres going to be more series x in stores??

P3 We need xcloud in Saudi Arabia please

P3 Satya and Phil are the new Mega Powers. Hopefully there isnt a Miss Elizebeth to ruin it boom P3 More and more Xbox games studios

P3 Nice Microsoft Flight Simulator picture on the shelf.

P3 If you`re all in on gaming, I`m all in on gaming too.

P3 Was that a book in Satyas shelve? Now hear me out, books are made from paper and paper comes from trees and trees come from the Earth OMG pineapple on pizzas is a crime against humanity

P3 Love to stare at Satyas shelf that Halo picture You peeps sure know how to play with us

P3 Ive never seem Satya talk on behalf of Xbox, this E3 seems to be a power play incoming.

P3 Que blusa ridicula do Phill vaiii gayyyphill

P3 I`m super excited for the future of Xbox

P3 Hell yeah!

P3 On game pass day one? P3 We are living one of the best moments in being a gamer! What does the future await? From what we`re seeing, just amazing things!

P3 get a free G7 premium skin P3 We need an app for Xcloud too P3 please.

P3 Ninja Theorys NFL confirmed P3 GamePass will be on PlayStation and Nintendo. I told yall!


P3 You love to see it.

P3 Cant wait for Sunday!

P3 Me and the boys on our way to E3 this Saturday. P3 Getting backed by the big man can only mean big things.

P3 Did he steal homework?

P3 Once again articles suggest more than 23 studios

P3 Xbox has no games There are just Forza and Halo and Indie games that are also ok PS5

P3 More shelves dammit, someone tell me the Easter eggs lol.

P3 Love to see such a passion this generation from XBOx!

P3 Microsofts CEO is sending out a powerful message Lets see what Jim is doin P3 If it`s trully your motivation, why can`t we have an update so our wheels work exactly the same as on PC ?

P3 2 top notch leaders

P3 E3 gonna rock P3 If they were all about gaming they would do something with VR

P3 Well all Agree jacket is on point and P3 Indiana Joes jacket...?

P3 Phil do us a favour by making Xbox exclusives come out only on Xbox so PlayStation fanboys cant say we have no exclusives

P3 *me desperately searching for a switch on the back shelf*

P3 ponys sweating after satya is full on gaming

P3 That`s really not true! Where is Game Pass Ultimate for Romania? As long as you limit your services to a tiny portion of regions, please, don`t talk about how you are all in on gaming.

P3 holy heavens, are the bosses P3 Is that a autographed by Sachin bat

P3 "Why GAMING is a key priority to Microsoft" no stop lying and start having an actual wireless Xbox controller so I don`t have to use batteries.

P3 Best CEO in the world

P3 This is very exciting! But are you going to expand any moderation, or other such tools, so more people can feel safe from harassment in the expanding global gaming community?

P3 Honestly Im glad theyre doing this on Twitter instead of wasting our time during their showcase Youre not going to waste our time during your showcase, right? Right??

P3 Is it really. With grand total of 0 exclusive in first 8 months of system release. Ya ok P3 Sunday might be epic

P3 Never said anything about consoles

P3 Nice to see how clearly Satya and Phil both believe in Xbox and how it has such a bright future ahead and in particular game pass! Stark contract from Xbox back in 2013/2014.

P3 XboxP3? More like xbox got killed by PlayStation 3

P3 Lookin at Satya`s shelf

P3 Xbox confirmed inb4 the group we shall not speak of shows up

P3 Get ready bois. Here they come

P3 Phil and Satya really are the Dream Team. They`re bringing the Xbox brand back into the forefront.

P3 The fact that Flight Sim is an older IP than Windows is actually a pretty interesting factoid.

P3 Full video where?

P3 You love to see it.

P3 Can`t wait what you gonna show at this E3 ?

P3 Awesome stuff! The future of gaming at Xbox is bright. Lots of ambitious ideas that will only strengthen gaming for everyone. Can`t wait for Sunday!

P3 tbh it so weird to hear Satya talk about gaming on Microsoft LOL I`m so used to him talking about Azure all the time

P3 Clearly not all in on the design lab.

P3 Love to hear the dedication. Keep it up

P3 Thank you Satya, Thank you, Phil, you`re all the best.

P3 Shadows of Reach on the shelf. Infinite definitely playing off of the end of that somehow

P3 I Sold my ps4 and I buy Xbox series S

P3 Pride is your number one priority not gaming pride xbox woke

P3 Some amazing things happening, the future is going to be a gamers paradise.

P3 All in on gaming? Where are the exclusives?

P3 I pray that shows in E32021 with the wonderfully powerful system generated from Xbox division of Microsoft. much better than its predecessor. pls try to show that off more and how it can stand with the competition. hate to even say competition but sadly, the world-business.

P3 1 minute of gameplay recording is too little. They need to fix this.

P3 give us dark souls in game pass then

P3 Xbox died in 2013 seriously just give up

P3 Awesome but can we get some great exclusives.

P3 New some more Asian Based games like person those make serious money

P3 Ps5 has better graphics and ps now is better than xbox trash pass

P3 Satya Nadella looks like an older, balder, Indian from Good Mythical Morning

P3 PlayStation is better sadly

P3 No games

P3 Enjoyed the whole presentation! Big, smart ideas for the future.

P3 People looking at the Nadellas`s shelve like P3 Sunday Sunday Sunday P3 playstation better

P3 My Ps5 is all in on gaming

P3 You know what would bring me joy... More backwards compatibility games for Series X. I NEED BRUTE FORCE AND BLOODWAKE 4K in my life.

P3 upgrade to PS5 today

P3 Playstation better

P3 we been knowing about that game pass stick

P3 Subtitles for pt-br ?! Please

P3 PS better

P3 Hi it would be super funny if you responded

P3 Make me proud son, you always still on gaming!

P3 ratchet and clank is better than any Xbox game P3 Could u make changing your gamertag free PLEASE

P3 Hi xbox

P3 I bought Xbox game pass ultimate for the first time yesterday. Greatest life decision Ive ever made

P3 available only in the US

P3 Surprisingly early for once

P3 All in on gaming like wtf is that

P3 Xbox is better than Shitestation

P3 I speak for everyone when I say that PlayStation is better

P3 Xbox

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