Maybe it`s just me but I feel like it`s

June 24, 2021, 6:40 pm
Maybe it`s just me but I feel like it`s
Maybe it`s just me but I feel like it`s a really shitty habit of most gamers to say "I want a new (insert franchise here) game," when there are other games in that franchise that have existed for years that you haven`t even TOUCHED YET.

Ive done this TODAY. I learned the Star Wars game Im dreaming of is just Knights of the Old Republic but Im being stubborn because I dont want to play it on PC or iOS

Thanks! That`s the one! Thanks for reminding me. I will now proceed to constantly be looking down the street for the deliver guy with my wifi abilities.

Of course I have! Numerous times! It is a masterpiece! I am just saying I am crying because I am constantly saying I want another game but there actually isn`t any others for me to play.

*cries over my portal games*

I feel like this is a subtweet about AM2R

Devils advocate: I would love a new Uncharted game, but I never played Golden Abyss. Why? Because I dont own a Vita. And Im not going to buy one. So if the caveat is that you own the console said games are on that you havent played, then I see your point.

Full disclosure: I do this a lot.

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