Marvel`s Spider-Man: Miles Morales sold 4

February 3, 2021, 3:16 pm
Marvel`s Spider-Man: Miles Morales sold 4
Marvel`s Spider-Man: Miles Morales sold 4.1 million copies in 2020.

Huge congrats, Miles Morales was a phenomenal game.

Good numbers, but not impressive either. The only reason I don`t think these are impressive sales is the same reason I have the game. It was bundled with my ps5. They have been bundling games and items with the ps5 to help scalping. Spiderman is the game you see bundled the most.

Prob would of sold 8 million if it was on xbox

Game was beyond short. 100% completion in 2 days

I mean to be fair most people were forced to buy it with all these PlayStation bundles

How was this game? I heard it was a lot shorter than Spider-Man, running around 4-5 hrs or so?

People are extremely salty in the comments. Jesus. Who wouldve guessed that games selling well would hurt peoples feelings Thats why everyone is attacking for it huge success and the wonderful experience we had

Well trade you Spider-Man for Elder Scrolls Sony... C`MON!

Wish I could actually get into this game

Eh. Nowhere in that report does it say Miles Morales sold that much. In fact Sony stated in december the game had sold 600 thousand copies. So I wonder a bit where you`re taking this number from.

I`m curious, how many of the total sales were the PS5 version?

LOL, y`all STILL salty about the last of us gobbling up all those accolades huh?? When you know that there`s over 8 billion people on earth, 4.1 million copies doesn`t seem that much, it should be selling more, perhaps it would have if it wasn`t PlayStation exclusive.

People have no choice but to buy this spin-off during this tough pandemic.

Great game! You know whats better? Animal Crossing New Horizon, sold 31 million copies lol

all that for a expansion title....yippee

Yes... good. Spider-man: Anthony Mackie edition?

Selling in UK - Good game but not worth full price considering its only a 6-7 hour game, slightly less if you only focus on the main storyline.

To who? Are there 4.1 million ps5s out there? I guess

Its just a spin-off Question: Are PlayStation sales numbers ever honestly that impressive? When you look at the Switch, their games do way better on a smaller install base. I think Animal Crossing is at 30 Million sold. What PS exclusive ever hit those numbers? Its odd.

Wow, so hating it so much didn`t affect sales. Good. *Im kidding Blessing*

Mickey mouse copies,they don`t count in my book.

Good game but 60 bucks is to much imo

How was it compared to Spider-Man PS4? I enjoyed Spider man story but found the gameplay to get pretty repetitive after awhile.

Game was great. Definitely want to see more of Miles down the road

Sounds like a flop considering it was on PS4/PS5.

Better than the last of us 2

False I didnt buy one so this is fake plus Fortnite is better

AS IT SHOULD Dont say in 2020, juste say in 6 weeks

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