Managing editor of android central…uses an iPhone

September 23, 2022, 9:41 pm
Managing editor of android central…uses an iPhone
Managing editor of android centraluses an iPhone

Not a big deal, any person who`s work is related to content creation basically has to use an iPhone because of the better compatibility with basically every social network for photo/video

I know people act like its not a big deal but flip the script and imagine if Apple employees used Android phones rarely see it. Says a lot.

He only has one phone right? It doesnt matter too much

Really and truly we use all the brands and devices but just have our favorites, you know me as a S22U lover with my white cell and white Galaxy buds pro 2, accompanied with the Watch 5 pro, but I also have iPad 12.9 & had the pixel too. At any given time I might tweet

Having worked with one of the leading Android-focused web publishers, I can tell you its not uncommon. However, tech people generally want to experience ALL tech in some capacity. Doesnt necessarily mean its his daily.

They never learn

Ferrari employees dont own a ferrari. Elon musk owns alot of cars but not teslas. I can give many examples but u see my point, just coz u work for a company, doesnt mean u have to use their products. You can still use what u like/prefer.

So if u work for a Ford dealership you can`t drive a Chevrolet lol??? People use what they like and works for them regardless of what company they work for... To be honest it`s a job for them. I use what I like because I like it. That`s why no YouTuber with 15 million subscribers can tell me what to use and what not to use. U will never see me on here asking should I go iPhone 14max or Pixel if I don`t know them something is wrong.

Where is Android vs iOS and where is doctor vs Mac Donalds. Man, you guys do really associate your identity to a phone

I was just responding to the tweet about a Google employee using it lol. But yeah, I like it because I USE it.

That was a hot topic a while back. It started when Gal Gadot was tweeting from an iPhone when she was supposed to be tweeting from an Android (Huawei, it was?). MKBHD made a video on that, lol.

He`s familiar with the best and worst of both worlds. To me, that`s being _well_ informed. I`d totally be okay if, ten years ago, his posts were from a... Blackberry.

@saeedted How am I supposed to take him seriously as an android enthusiast/journalist ?

Cant be considered a true Android source of info if your on iPhone full-time.

Its always like that.

Not a single tweet from android on his account. Its clear he is just an android tester who uses iOS full time.

Trust me Im sure half of Google use iPhones.

They`ve always done that. Just how it is

I don`t see the big deal

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