Man I couldn`t do iPhone longer than a couple

May 29, 2021, 2:03 am
Man I couldn`t do iPhone longer than a couple
Man I couldn`t do iPhone longer than a couple months. Switching back to the superior Android my brothers.

Amen my Android brethren

sailfish looks nice

I miss my Google Pixel XL ever since it gave me the black screen of death and now I`m using a Lite Phone which I`m at the urge to get a new one cause it`s just utterly bad

Welcome back my brother

Muta kicked the hornets nest! lol gg

i really dont blame you

apple (L)users rekt epically Tbf android is my favorite hombrew counsel on the go

I use both so

iPhone and iOS are just too limited. Android is freedom

oof I like how you called them phone jihadists, it genuinely sums it up well

Mutas first video back on android Good choice brother

Now that`s a based tweet lad

Quick question so I heard that androids stop providing updates to their phone after three years? Is that true. Like ios we get tons of updates and ever older phones don`t get left behind so I`m wondering does android do the same thing?

Honestly, I switched to an iPhone a while and I couldnt regret it more. I guarantee most of the people defending iPhones have no clue what theyre defending and only own them because they dont want to ruin their social status and an android user.

iPhone vs Android arguments are just as stupid and pointless as console war arguments I used to have an iPod Touch, and everything felt like it was locked behind a closed door. On Android, I could open up my File Explorer and modify my Minecraft PE skin (before it was even a future) by recompiling the apk and stuff. Wouldn`t have worked without Jailbreak on iOS

Once I switched to android I knew I could never go back, wont touch my iPhone ever again

Redmi Note 10 user here, having quite solid experience for only around 200 euro yeah but maybe give it a couple more months or just try linux smartphones

As long as it can run Doom its OK~

As a windows phone user, phone is phone

android master race

Going to be getting a new phone as soon as the new generation is announced, got to see what everyone is putting out before deciding. I used to be Android all the way, but I found I didnt really use all the benefits, and my use case better suited iPhones.

I hate Android tbh

Yes my brother you see the way

Thats it Im calling the cancel police-

That`s the funny part, iPhone and Samsung HELP eachother, there`s literally android specs in apple devices. While the neck beards in the comments argue about what phone shells out the biggest gigashits per megabitch, Apple and Samsung ceos are laughing their asses off

been wanting to switch myself, im a bit sick of iOS these days

sorry to see you go

Hah this reminded me when I used to enjoy iPod Touch but then I used this HTC and Android and holy hell that is so much for me to enjoy Android. So yeah, welcome back android gang ftw where you can do literally anything

The menu: a phone with modern day surveillance capitalism baked into the OS or a phone with components by child labour camps backed by corrupt governments lol, I get it, iPhone is very restrictive and honestly its not very fun or creative to use, and android is cheaper. I know that with time I could change into an android homie, but I grew up on iOS. I do use a PC though so I guess I could give it a shot.

imagine not using a phone that doesnt run on linux

Im using Android. It uses a Linux Kernel

I welcome you back with open arms android is king

whimp I did a year on a miserable iphone 5... for other reason than my phone being constantly in repair for god knows why it didn`t work

Android is good but too much options. For budget android phones, it`s either bloatfilled Samsung or Chinese phones. I am looking to switch to iPhone just because it`s much simpler and less bloat. I wish pure Linux phones will take off not this Google Android bullshit.

I to know people with Samsung galaxy note 7ns... Well... I did...

nah for that you`d have needed to post this tweet from an iphone lmao

What Android should I buy

Ive thought about switching but Ive spent money on apps and dont want to lose that, so Im stuck for now

See, I felt the opposite. I couldnt stand how complicated and annoying Android was. Like seriously, is this a phone or a PC with Linux installed?

omg yaassss. Welcome Back to Team Android king!!

We knew u could never leave us

What Android has a better camera than the iPhone 12 Pro Max, only reason Im with iPhone

why did u even switch to iPhone?

Sadly I only have an iPhone because my son wanted one when we went to get phones. I much more prefer android. Trying to teach my kid how Android is better but he wont listen.

I`m feeling this tbh, the only android phone that is comparable imo is the s21+ though (phones without edges, had a note 20 ultra and hated the curved screen)

When Android is Always superior Twitter for Web

ur choice my bro :D

Just when I thought you couldn`t get any more based!

Alright listen here mr technology Android camera go brrrrr

wait for the new pixel habibi

iPhone users Android is better than iPhone lol. I can upgrade storage and I don`t have to be asked 3 times to install an app. I also have the ability to use different launchers, have different app shapes, and different color control buttons in the notification bar. KDE connect is on Android.

Oh youre so edgy and unique lol

What android are you planing to get? Im on an iPhone now because my last 3 Samsung phones became mini nuclear reactors if I watched more than 20 minutes of video on them.

We do a little trolling

Welcome home king

Phone is phone.

We can pirate stuff easily on Android, and this making it 100% superior.

Some people just want to see the world burn..

I never liked iPhone

I prefer IPhone but if Android rocks your boat idc

i switched from android to iphone, and while I still think android is superior, i realized it doesnt fucking matter and phones are all the same and get the job done

Welcome aboard!

i just don`t really care about phones tbh, i just use what i got, it works fine for me.

Omg u no0b use blackberry!!!!!!!!!

I own a iPhone and I agree their slow af. Ps I have the 12 pro

ihope epic wins the lawsuit against apple so we can sideload tweaked apps

So true. If Androids would be more like this I could probably be mistaken for a robot, which happened once already. This is what I filmed at the hospital. Youre right, but doesnt android devices stop getting updates after like a year or so? Apple has been supporting the iPhone 6s for like 5+ years now.

Android is superior, but I`m stuck with an iPhone

Welcome back to superiority brother.

Exact opposite. Tried Samsung after a few iPhones and palmed it off to mum after a month lol

Got this on my Droid As someone stuck with an IPhone for a while, I 100% agree with your choice brother

Epic You`re invited to the cookout

Mutahar, I love you but stfu

I want to switch too

I was curious about this I was gonna switch to iPhone after the new security update ahahah

My man So when is Mutahar gonna make a video on rooting phones and somehow getting a version of Arch on his phone?

I prefer Windows phones

Wipe it and ensure that you do a bit more than just factory reset btw.

im a 13 yo indian kid without a phone gg.

why were you using iPhone anyway?

Finally someone said it I do prefer Android. I just don`t like Apple things in general. But, everyone`s preferences are their own.

Yes the king is coming back. Praise the sun what iphone only feature that you miss when switching back to android?

I don`t know if you posted this only to annoy the iPhone elitists, but I feel this way unironically. I had an iPhone and had to sell it after a few months, it was the most frustrating experience ever with how many limitations there are.

ive been in the apple ecosystem for a long time, its tempting, but i think ill switch to android, what do you think?

god I miss having an android phone

phone Jihadists lmao

Do you like the smell of farts? Asking for a friend

I still have my droid ultra my first smart phone. its pretty much a glorified mp3 device at this point. Used ZTE till they had that little oof with the US and got banned, not sure if they still are, but yeah now I have an iPhone 11 its okay I guess.

I`m still rocking a $100 burner phone lol, don`t really care about that stuff, I remember hearing some assholes at work bragging about their $1000 phones.

Anyone that says Android is trash is buying $99 LGs

Seems like some of em already flipped out.

would of been funnier if u tweeted this on an iphone lmao

Choose Wisely Mutahar Enjoyers

Phones are lame anyway. I do all my browsing on PC

Mutahar you are always welcome in the house of android

The only reason I switched to android was because my IPhone would be slow asf after 2 years along with the battery

android does what apple idoesnt

Haha welcome back brother

Welcome back. I went from an apple lover, to android lover after owning an Android for a few weeks now lol. Won`t be going back- not because of price but because of the amount of functions Android has that apple lacks

A phone is a phone why do people care so much

I don`t even understand how people can defend apple tbh

I hope they find a cure soon brother

Where`s your Arch phone though?

I`m still waiting for an answer to this... Ill downgrade back to the 3GS before switching to android

Android is love Android is life

iPhone isnt for everyone, fair enough

Ive been wanting to get an android but Im so used to iPhones, when I tried to use an android I had no idea what I was doing

Android is FREEDOM.

Android superior

Honestly i like both android and iOS

do whatever u prefer. at the end of the day they do the same job

POV: Scrolling trying to find any phone brand war comments

Admit it you love iphone

Checking where everyone is tweeting from so that I can judge them accordingly

welcome back king, we`ve been waiting for you

yes! dont confine and limit yourself!

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