Making some progress in rearranging my workstation and my

January 16, 2021, 6:12 am
Making some progress in rearranging my workstation and my
Making some progress in rearranging my workstation and my collection. Its a never ending process

Horizontal and vertical both use that stand

And just a question should I get steel series arctic 3 for my ps5 the console edition one

And I never have a good time with controllers they break or my baby brother takes out the battery thing so I chose playstation I love the controller if never falls down

What do you prefer ps5 or Xbox sx? I respect the sx for the backwards compatibility but still I dont like it idk why

Is it ok to keep the ps5 controllers on the charging station? I quit doing that because Im worried about frying the batteries.

Oh really? Thanks for telling me but like Im just too skeptical about it but I mean I got warranty and all of that but still so many people say that and Im new to playstation been having Xbox since 360

Nice thanks man. Nice setup

Nice. Its too damn hot in Arizona for me to use my garage like that. I`m building a room in the backyard though (with ac). Probably about 2/3 of the way done. Hopefully have it finished by the end of march. I can only work on it on weekends right now. Were did you that Desk

Oh and doesnt keeping you ps5 in rest mode ruin it? I dont Bc every one says not to

OKAY!! I SEE YOU THATS SICK! Im trying to build a setup my self so far it looks like this What size are those shelves?

Nice setup! 2 be honest I pictured something Way different from watching your YouTube videos. I expected all these cool lights, w/that nice background. Still like this 1 though.

Nice. Do you prefer your projector over a tv in there?

Looks super good. I need to do that as well lol.

Random question. Is this a garage or did you epoxy inside? I`ve been thinking of doing some of that.

Looking good so far!!

Why is the ps5 not using this now you need another shelving

So dope man cool collection!

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