Love you too @CouRageJD Glad you`re enjoying season 7!

June 10, 2021, 11:12 pm
Love you too @CouRageJD Glad you`re enjoying season 7!
Love you too Glad youre enjoying season 7!

Only missing this fortnite please Add Travis Scott back bringbacktravisscott

The fact that courage enjoys the game now makes me very very happy

Icon skin incoming?

LETS GO FORTNITE IS BACK BABY FORTNITE GONNA BE 1 GAME AGAIN Loving the season too! Curious to see what happens with that huge mothership Is Dr.Slone up to something? Where is Jones gone? What happened to the Foundation? SO MANY QUESTIONS!!!

Do they still bots in pubs tho? Surely thats a vibe kill

Now remove skill based matchmaking

Tbh I think the only nerf the ufos need is make it so it dont have 3 lifes

Remove ufo from comp pls

pls give his nitro he didn`t get it yet

Man youve outdone yourselves this season the season is super fun

battle paas is trash tho

he`ll be back on warzone in a few days

He said epic games not markrein

Seriously, everything that needed to be better, got better than i ever expected. I had HIGH hopes before the season 7 yet u guys have exceeded my expectations by a LIGHT YEAR

Why do men paint their fingers now? Just asking cause Karl did it too and I`m wondering whether it`s a new trend or...?

could you please remove weaponry ability on the ufos in arena? I love the transportation and abduction ability of the ufos, but being able to spam boxes and have no counter to it is a little bit overwhelming.

ufos are really good for pubs just dont keep them in comp modes pls

Dude i literally played 29 hours since the new season drops its soooo good i cant stop i just i cant the new weapons are so damn good everything is great

I couldn`t even fit everything. -Moving Llamas are awesome -So many funny UFO moments with the pickup feature -Crazy vending machine options and NPC options with gold (Buying mega supply drop is dope) Seriously, so fun.

Chapter 1 Season 4 is still my favorite season of all Time.. but for the first time in Chapter 2 I`m back playing Fortnite and enjoying it GGs

No cap tho best season of chapter 2

Thank you! Mark and whole Fortnite Team

The opposite will come after few weeks

I love how he still quote tweeted even tho he said the charge shotgun was the worst gun and last season was terrible

Mark Great job! Now about Tilted Towers......

Mark I know you probably wont read or respond to this but please continue the fun! This season has so much potential after last seasons absolutely abysmal gameplay. Also please add map changes! Love it.

Can you please make the blue eye glow on the skull trooper a option to turn on/off???

Can we expect some old pois returning this season?

This is the best thing Ive watched today.


Thanks for making an incredible season. My question is if something is going to happen with the Mothership at the end of the season,except moving closer.

We need some big changes come on... give us some new biomes like desert or something it getting stall

Just need tilted now


Good job Mark, tell Donald he and you guys team at epic that they did good Thanks.

Thanks for the great season but are you planing for better things to make it better like some new pois?

tysm for such a fun season! :D

This season just feels great you know, Launchpads and snipers are back, UFOs are mega fun, and the battle pass is pretty decent especially when you get Rick Sanchez and Superman

this season is by far my fav in the chapter. from 1 to 6 i was really disappointed, but this one blew my expectations outta the water. gj.

Thank you epic

Mark thank you again for listening to the community, I mean it is obvious that there needs to be a lot of improvements made to the gameplay side of Fortnite that he mentioned so many times during Chapter 2, such as players dying off really quickly etc.

This season is Incredible and so much fun The UFO`s railgun. so great and thank you guys.

Now that`s the spirit! The whole team did a fantastic job, from the gameplay to the amazing new mechanics!

I thought Primal was awesome myself

Thanks for this amazing season! This will be an unforgettable season <3

I absolutely love Doctor Slone! The way you guys designed her is really incredible! I also really love the fact that shes a black protagonist since we dont really get a lot of those in games in my opinion!

Please unreal 5 on Fortnite

Im happy when see a man like you mark. Love you

the ufos are fun

please don`t listen to the crybabies, the UFO`s are amazing



i love fortnite chapter 2 season 7

You guys did amazing job this season

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