Looking forward to iOS #SAFEMOONWALLET launch! What device do

September 20, 2021, 4:05 pm
Looking forward to iOS #SAFEMOONWALLET launch! What device do
Looking forward to iOS SAFEMOONWALLET launch! What device do you use SAFEMOONARMY? SAFEMOON is the EVOLUTION!

I have an android, but can`t wait to see iOS users destroy the apple store with downloads! Very exciting times!

John, any thoughts on addressing the Safemoon. app on the Apple Store by ChivoWallet? Its a clear scam that somehow made it through Apple

Very excited for safemoons future!!safemoon SAFEMOONWALLET

Ghana and Gambia are grateful

Majority is ios .. good to hear that ... May be we will see a good hike soon ... SAFEMOONWALLET

A find it a little suss that apparently that many people are on iOS... Lets go thanks team! SAFEMOONWALLET SAFEMOONARMY SAFEMOONSWAP SAFEMOONBLOCKCHAIN safemoonexchange

Seriously where the android holders add

A release today on IOS would be great...A great birthday gift for me...

Please burn lots of tokens.

I have been in the deepest rabbit hole of blockchain renewable energy tokenization and now using Safemoon as my bank, acct indefinitely. safemoon safemoonwallet projectpheonix safemoonexchange safemoonblockchain

We are gonna break the store for sure lol.

Main phone Android tho I am going to buy a iPhone 13 pro max for the shits n giggles

Can you explain how you guys plan to address the swap and liquify issue how it devalues token 1-5% each time it is executed? SAFEMOON SAFEMOONARMY

But will it have a buy button

A million year old iphone

Doesnt matter...cause you aint delivering mate....

Like how their isnt a countdown and just moderate updates. People know who you are, what your doing and where youre going. Love the marketing you were doing, was amazing, however moving forward to stop the fudders

safemoon all the way.

Put in 100k and have only 5k leftover , get ready for motherOfAllRugpulls

safemoondroid vote now!!!!

Personally I go both ways.... Wow that sounds really wrong, yeah just stop right there This wallet is limited what you can do ,no wallet connect, no Dapp browser,what exactly can you do in this wallet? I been hearing all his hype about this wallet and still havent figured out whats special about it besides the hype.

I clicked on ios by mistake. I am Android user. Please dont count my vote on iso side

Say its coming today!!

None of them, because i lost so much money on safemoon that i had to sell my phone.

you even made the wallet application very difficult. still the wallet for IOS is not ready. you have a failed team.

SAFEMOON for life!!!!

Thank you to that 15-year-old on who made BOTH SAFEMOON wallets. You are better than their own DEVS.

Damn, the results thus far are very surprising to me, considering that iOS only has a 26% market share world-wide of mobile devices (Android has 72%). We will break the Apple store SAFEMOONWALLET

This poll says a lot for the holders of the SAFEMOONFAMILY. Most are holding iOS. SAFEMOON

dear CEO 1 possible to insert 1H chart on the wallet?

Hey John you eating Pineapple on pizza if we get so many IOS downloads ???

Can wait to load SAFEMOONWALLET on ios SAFEMOON

Not til SAYS SO!!! Let`s see how high it will go keep your word Burn Listing 2025 Target price 1$

I bought an Android, can`t wait.

Upgrading from my iPhone X to the iPhone 13 Pro Maxshould be at my house in 10 days. Cant wait to see how it all looks!!!

Very excited to see the wallet on iOS and also your updated roadmap! We are Safemoon! We are family!

iPhone 11 soon 13 pro max with new SAFEMOONWALLET SAFEMOON SAFEMOONARMY

Cant wait especially when the exchange and blockchain follow!! SAFEMOON SAFEMOONWALLET SAFEMOONARMY

A Awesome Thank you G GGs Sorry Capt I screwed up! Was waiting for IOS to drop to buy but my impatient Diamond hand pushed buy too early.

Safemoon is the Evolution and only down 8% today. Wow

None. I don`t instal scamware

I can help with app testing. I do it for a living these days

I`m expexting at least 30% increase ok the IOS launch

The end result will likely be Android but its quite surprising iOS is currently leading the poll!

I have Android phone but it`s too old, debating whether to get a better Android or go to iPhone. Never used an iPhone before so that would be interesting. Advise welcome.

Something new..

Safemoon is the evolution $GRV goes from 0.000000151 to 0.04 in 7days! can somebody explain this to me how?

I dont mind .. use android

We going to find out from you guys when they approve? When they approve does a lag time exist before the upload to the iOS store?


In this moment of bloody market we must hold hand on hand to show them all what tokenomics like safemoon is...We stood still never sell..we are safemoon safemoonarmy


Sir John ...! Hold is Gold..! SAFEMOON BooooooooooM.....soon...!

Not related but I like to post my edit of the matrix gif. Should have done this survey before prioritising the android release . Just saying

I dont understand why SAFEMOON drops every single day.

I will be also download on my iPad too.

Android currently but just pre-ordered a 13 and hopefully that app will be ready by the time it arrives!

IOS all the way!!!!! SAFEMOONARMY lets go!!!

When is it finally released?

Just added to the bag. 2 billy stacked.

Cant wait for the release of the iOS version!

Just think about it there are more iPhone users then android I would say so once its available for IOS ssssshhhhheeeeeesssssshhhhhh to the moon SAFEMOONARMY SAFEMOONWALLET appleiphone

The device I use just shows me how ridiculous my coins are worth month after month. Gutted I never cashed when warned at 22x my investment We live and we learn. Hopefully something will eventually take us back up but not holding my breath with failed launches and team splittin

Im not sure if this has been suggested for the wallet or not, but eventually it would be great to be able to sell SafeMoon on the wallet and have it capable to link my debit card/bank account for an easier deposit

We are Safemoonarmy love from India

I can`t wait! Don`t make me post this gif again. Ready and Waiting :) SAFEMOONWALLET

In the words of who is having a birthday Why?

When fakesafemoon approved first than the original then the original is also

Android Damn I thought the discord notif was the wallet drop, still this is awesome!

iOS and Android `s wya? SAFEMOONWALLET

Android lives matter please

100k downloads on one third of the current userbase. This release will be fun.

BOTH SAFEMOONWALLET just had too, still love all the IOS users out there in the safemoonarmy can`t wait for you guys to get the wallet! Wow IOS holder. U guys deserve.

Get that iOS wallet going ! And take off that fake safemoon wallet out the damn store !

We just 200 holders within an hour

I wont need a wallet as my safe moon just goes down down down

Dang IOS has more at this point than I expected

I`ve never had an iPhone or any Apple device . I`m probably rare.

this is a clever poll. well played

iPhone! Patiently waiting for the release!

Looking forward to all the upgrades and updates and whats to come. So far not using it

doesnt matter if token has no utility xD

I think our CEO have IOS system inside him mobile SAFEMOON SAFEMOONWALLET SAFEMOONARMY iPhone 12 Pro Max today. iPhone 13 Pro Max on Friday. iPad Pro (2021).

I don`t know any 1B company where the CEO is present for the community! SAFEMOONARMY our CEO He is a real gem and his commitment to Safemoon is incredible! At Cpt we trust! I love our community. We will certainly have a bright future! Always supporting Our Captain Fake?? Are you telling us its coming out today

Your wallet was out sourced it`s garbage. Swap is not a product.

looking to buy a bunch more of safemoon when iOS release

There is a safemoon on App Store right now, is that the right one or no ?

Why would you not start with iOS first

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