Looking for the next low-cap

November 25, 2021, 3:40 am
Looking for the next low-cap
Looking for the next low-cap

$QUACK $wgmi baby. Best community and best low cap out there.

Check out what about $tara?

There is one microcap gem coming tomorrow

Still a low-cap gem, but with huge potential is Aubitnetwork $FWT A working product and their own, first fully regulated brokerage, together with the best team in Cryptoland makes $FWT a game changing no brainer Join the Freeway Dont sleep on WallStreetInu

$kitty = FIRST virtual being metaverse character to hop platforms. Collab with from Oculus, Pixar, etc. The innovation and talent of the dev team will redefine the metaverse & AI. And the marketing is . kittyinu kittyverse kittykrew kittykart Throw something in $kitty

100% TVK its listed on binance and CoinSpot too which means the pump will be nice and organic due to more people being exposed

GUYS if you zoom in really really closely on the top left side you can see that we dont know anything

$SAINT BSC Chain Bridge Incoming Top 3 Dev - Certik Head Honcho Verified New Shiny Website End Of Week 400 PR Outlets Happening Now $300,000+ Multiple Donations $250,000+ Buy Backs Certik Audit Incoming Play2Donate/Earn Metaverse-SIGNA Don`t sleep on this gem Elon. It`s making moves and very few CT influencers are talking about it. They just announced partnership with FEG is terribly undervalued now but will explode soon. They haven`t completed their SMARTDEFI development yet. So bullish on Feg

MONI is a great GEM on Kucoin.

$KFC $MCC are good very new

Something on KuCoin please

$KWS Game launches Nov 30th 2.3$M mc Team - combined 50 years of experience in gaming and blockchain Abundance of partners and investors Less than 5k holders, very early but growing fast

Fibswap muti crosschain swap that can swap any token between 9 blockchains (new other blockchains are added) to any token Holders will earn 4% reflection in every transaction in the dex. Cross swapping to 9 blockchains Bep20->Bep20 (Pancake like) Erc20-Erc20 (Uniswap like)

ELON! Checkout $PHA its doin INCREDIBLE things!

In we trust

Forsure need a solid look at $DRAC huge potential getting in the game space. House of the dragon inspired fan token. Doxxed and liquidity locked. Watch out for With kibatools as honeypot checker you can run a test buy and sell from contracts With Kiba fomo you Are first to know of new projects Our dev also finished working on limit orders and implemented frontrun protection! $KIBA KIBA KIBAKREW KIBATOOLS That view makes it easier to search

$KIBA kibakrew sitting at 50mil market cap, less than 1 month old, already accomplished KibaSwap, KibaBridge, HoneyPot Checker, Stop-loss Unique meme + Utility Combo Working on Metaverse game Doxxed devs/$3M in marketing wallet $doge $floki $shib $gm $mcc KittyDinger just partnered with 9GAG and sitting at a 8m marketmarketcapcap.

$KRL will fly Great team and racing

charity meme coin that has donated more than 300k within one month of its inception!! They are doing legendary stuff for the world!!!

Where do u live? Looks awesome

check $MONI axie alternative ! thanks me later :)

Have you considered ? The major question seems to be whether long term holders will sell into any momentum.

Wow where is this?? Beautiful

Then check out $RAMP! Stake and boost your passive income! Then collateralize your assets to unlock $rUSD liquidity while you earn high yield returns at the same time! $HTR best layer 1 out there

Make sure you make some time to check out the East Cape.

Definitely $CHAMP Crazy professional team releasing a high graphic pokemon style P2E game, check them out! I`ve never seen one man milk out a view as much as this guy

is at 13m market cap Certik fast tracked. BSC bridge nearly complete. Charity token. Play to donate game coming. And oh did I mention. Over $300K donated to charities in the first 2 weeks alone? for sure. $lto we are still very low cap compared to others

is def a gem! memecoin with REAL world value, donated over 300k in first 3 weeks, building charity platform on off ramp to fiat and first every play to donate Metaverse, $SAINT doing the most SAINTINU

$Saint You gotta get out of the house Elon . You`re whole profile is Inside. Too much gem searching lol. Awesome view Buddy

You should give attention to $TRAVA if you looking for low-cap

First movers towards the decentralized property rental economy. Ugh only 4.8m mc $RNB

EtherTerrestrial, my friend... Currently sitting at 4m MC, from an ATH of 8m... The team has HUGE things in store, including literally sending one lucky holder to space! Long story short, it`s Alien Season. And $ET`s next in line. What country is that

$CHAMP. ONLY 20Market Cap. It`s gonna kill AXIE. Studio working on this game were involved in Halo, COD, WOW amd more.

I dont use my account as you can see. Been stalking you for months so my way to say thanks for all the free alpha is giving you this. $GAIA Everworld. Please give it a go.

Look no further than $byg bro

Looks like youre looking for the next whitecap

Mate, you`ve come so far from 4 years ago! Nice work!

Check this one !


KittyDinger $8m mc is criminally undervalued with the new 9gag partnership. 9Gag have: -57m instagram followers -42m Facebook followers 17m Twitter followers P.s. the Kityup wallet they are releasing in Dec, crosses 14 Chains including $SOL and $KDA $GMEE. Check it out. Low cap, 30 million users. Earn to play. Hasnt pumped yet.

CHAMP Dec 15 NFT launch january open beta! Unreal engine MMORPG NFT play to earn built by the professional team Sigmastudios. Sigmastudios NFT Metaverse PlaytoEarn NFTGAMING GamingNFT SKT1 Pokemon

Of course AAA $AAA don`t loose this chance!! $weapon will 200x!!!!!!!!

Check out $weapon. Amazing

Thanks for kda plug.

Hello Elon. Would you like to talk?

$CHAMP Is built on Unreal Engine 4, great team and community behind it 26 mil mc gem

Want not minted? Not yet launched ecosystem? Welcome fren to $INARI Check out $WEAPON. Members of the team worked with Clash Royale. 3mil mcap. Game to release Q1 2022 and staking + beta will be out before EOY. Chart looks almost identical to what $KITTY was at its launch before it ripped.


- Crosschain ecosystem with inovative concept - 2m Mcap - $BSC decentrilized lottery - $ETH NFT bulls which will form DAO Donated today for school build It has it all Checking out $LMT ;)

to the moon

hands down will pull an EGC

Miss $iotx at your own detriment NFA

$num only 43m coins bud

Take a look at Champ...you will not regret it

Only one picture. $XL $champ

NFTCHAMPIONS my friend go look it up!!

$BLZ entering Metaverse ,don`t missed $BLZ it`s a gem

What a view! My favorite low cap GEM is $inari hands down. Has to much to list releasing soon. The endless innovations will bring this low cap monster to life! followthefox 100xgem

I really think its that team has so much planned and are so skilled! Comfy hold $weapon For me that`s . Check it out - the founder is a good guy too. Proof of Traffic is a super interesting concept too.

$weapon is the one. 3m mcap $weapon is the one.

This looks pretty low to me lol says you should buy some $ELK

Check out and $dec bro Q4 is packed Hack is behind us Moon inc Marketing ramp ups ongoing

Hey mate have a look $REALM 100x to $sand What does it do different/ better? Realm allows anyone to build their own micro verse, within the metaverse with or without land It is also mobile-first Also see thread below: FibSwap multicross chain dex already operational with 9 blockchains. First ever IMBS technology that allows you to swap your tokens across blockchains in seconds. Holders earn 4% reflections.

LFG!! Enjoy the vacation big dawg

is the low-cap gaming DeFi token that you need next in your portfolio. $weapon P2E PvP arena game with staking. Trailer below, Elon. Next move is yours.
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