Looking for a recommendation to buy a smartwatch

October 12, 2021, 6:04 pm
Looking for a recommendation to buy a smartwatch
Looking for a recommendation to buy a smartwatch. Other than Apple and Samsung.

Watch with personal nutritionist will be the best option for you

then it aint as smart

Depends on why do you need it, is there a specific activity you wish to track?

If not not any like me. Its R&D cared human body (radiations).

Healy. It is the only one with HRV because they have an encrypted medical cloud. Use it with Healy frequency device and you have microcurrent support for ATP production for performance and healing. (I sell them also, independent rep.)

Emporio Armani Smartwatch

You may take a look at "Noise ColorFit Pro 3"

is good sir

Best is Garmin... nothing better than that

CT and watches don`t go along well... probably a top signal who asks which watch to buy

Its like entering in crypto universe neglecting BTC and ETH

Sir try boAt Xtend Smartwatch which has more than 9.3K 4 star reviews on Amazon & some awesome features with benefits.

Mi revolve activ best at this price

go for mi band series 5

Samsung galaxy watch 3....dont look for other..you wont get the features in any other device except samsung...i am using personally and its amazing...guves you a premium feeling as well...apple is not providing even half of what it has..

Like suggest me any crypto besides BTC and Ethereum

Amazfit is very good

These 2 are the market leaders of course! Try to check huawei!

Kashif- get yourself a Forerunner 945; maybe this would motivate you for fitness routine along with solving the purpose of a smartwatch

Nothing. Get apple / samsung or don`t Don`t for. Dogecoims

Apple is the best.

Other`s are really not smart watches. Would recommend Apple watch if using iphone otherwise go for Samsung.

Indian companies are doing well sir in this segment.

Real me is so good. Or MI also superb durable , battery life also excellent

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