Long exposure shot

February 7, 2021, 3:46 pm
Long exposure shot
Long exposure shot

I have no tripod in sg :| all in Indonesia

If you have iPhone 12 Pro Max, put it on tripod and take a max 30 sec Exposure shot in night mode. You will get the car head/tail lights. While Samsung Note 20 Ultra (2nd pic) doesnt show any light tails despite having the 20 sec Exposure in night mode. Am I getting hypnotized?

Tf is the 2nd pic i want to puke it makes me dizzy aaaaaaaa

@samsung_fanboy_ But tbh tho thats deep fusion


Imagine how it will look when apple upgrades their sensor to 108mpx

Too dope camera

@samsung_fanboy_ See no sharpness second pic was with added sharpness I know I just say that is so sharp

That sharpness hurts my eyes

@samsung_fanboy_ It was quite dark

That is why your pic is noisier than mine lol

Night mode on my Galaxy People saying samsung night mode sucks:
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