Live late today, buying a new phone yo

June 2, 2022, 2:55 am
Live late today, buying a new phone yo
Live late today, buying a new phone yo. What one should I get

this aint the OG I know he woulda bought a 2nd hand iPhone 4 fr

Nice stache wow what a great buy oliver!

The blackberry flipphone

wait why did you actually buy that, I thought you were all about saving money chris.....

Wait till iPhone 14

I feel you on that

1/4 of your grands money bro

Legit half your grands earnings gone

NICE Kwanti x Oliver streams at Dallas


Dreamhack vlog going to go crazy with new quality

wont even spend $50 on a fan

Costed more than a month of your frozen food

-$1,200 IPhone 13 ProMax that grands money hittin

why are u outside the sun burns

Get the one I recently got the Iphone 13 max pro like the big one

Dont waste youre grands money

The latest one thats the only answer

Dont get iPhone get Samsung if you want to stream with good quality

you should get the iphone

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