Like If You Still Need A PS5 Yup, it`s

December 26, 2021, 1:54 am
Like If You Still Need A PS5 Yup, it`s
Like If You Still Need A PS5

Yup, it`s gotten so discouraging that I may need grief counselling. My insurance does not cover PlayStation detox & recovery. My sponsor bought an Xbox & left me to fend for myself. Play HAS Limits, Sony!

Been wanting one since last Christmas. Merry Christmas and Godbless

I`ve pretty much given up at this point :/

Unfortunately I still am without. Hopefully everyone can have a safe enjoyable holiday week.

Cant give up at this point the holidays are over

It`s been 11 months and still trying to get it

hopefully its easier now that the holidays are over! good luck to those who are still trying!

This guy! Just tell us if theres another restock

line start decide car stood

Praying for an Amazon drop fir a late Christmas gift for the kids

The first couple followers to like this tweet and give us a private message, and is serious about purchasing a PS5 or XBOX will get there choice of a Xbox Series X / Halo Bundle, digital, or disc PS5 for retail ! PlayStation ps5restock I really really need to get one and hop I win the giveaway. Good luck everyone

Amazon better step it up, target glitched me out

I dont think ill end up getting one never been able to upgrade anything

Like if youd rather not get BS notifications on Christmas

Been a year and Im still looking

When and where is the next drop?!

thinking about giving up at this point lol

Bro posts everything but ps5 drops

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