Like and retweet if you want to see a

January 16, 2021, 4:49 am
Like and retweet if you want to see a
Like and retweet if you want to see a sequel to The Order 1886 on PS5.

Nope honestly was Garbo, rather have a sunset overdrive sequel. Unless Xbox owns the ip then oof. Or Sony bring back some classic franchises.

Was nothing special tbh. Very very short, only the graphics stood out. Instantly forgettable otherwise. I wouldn`t bother with a sequel

this game would look so good on ps5

Easiest platinum ever :) + it was short Hehe

I`d also like to be able to get a ps5 at some point before the ps6 comes out.

Yes but hopefully Sony gives another studio to make this game. I feel this game and the characters have an amazing potential if done right.

Never played it never seemed interesting to me

I remember it being leaked a while back that there is a sequel being made.

May I request a Legacy of Kain sequel first?

I have a question. Are the ps4 First party (as in made by studios playstation owns) games that have been ported to pc multiplat games? Or are they still exclusive?

This game had potential but the gameplay left a lot to be desired. Honestly I believe this could be a great project for Naughty Dog to take on. I think they would do this game/series justice.

Never had a chance to play it but it always looked interesting to me. So yeah a second game would be cool to see.

wasnt this the game with the goofy quick time events? i feel like yall reviewed this

First game was way too short

Can you please tweet to please tweet this and like if you want to see a sequel to Jet Li: Rise to Honor.

It hurt was mostly cutscenes

Thats actually a series ive always felt has a ton of potential. Ive felt like it could have had the ability to jump in quality that uncharted 1 went to 2

Give this game to Insomniac or Guerrilla

the world, story, and graphics are amazing in this game. one of the first PS4 games i played. the gameplay needs a HUGE overhaul though

really wanna see what happens in the new continent of north America

If they innovated on the first game by removing the QTEs, more exploration and environmental storytelling, make it less linear than the first, remove the ridiculous amount of cutscenes, make the game much longer and fight more werewolves instead of humans Id be happy.

Beuatiful game not as fun to play. A PS5 action packed game would be awesome!

I don`t think it`s gonna happen.

I want The Order that we were promised, a Cyberpunk Victorian Elite Squad fighting werewolves and vampires, not Batman Begins that they gave us.

It was such a short campaign. But it was so much fun.

I just want to see a ps5 in my room

Good game, but lack of any meaningful multiplayer killed it

Yes. A lengthy one this time please. Cuz 1886 is short. But powerful.

Would be nice to see. I should download it and play in quality mode on PS5.

God YES! this game is so underrated man.

It was an interesting start, and it was very pretty, but the gameplay was super repetitive and the obvious knock was it was short. I still think its a good first step, but RAD split for Facebook I believe, so theyd have to find someone to make it. Maybe an original Bluepoint?

Are you in a position to make the sequel or what`s the point of the likes and retweets?

I`ll like but not retweet, like most lol

Was it any good? Never played it.

While the original did disappoint, its visuals and world were amazing and I would be down for a sequel that`s longer and with better. more varied gameplay. Co op would be nice as well.

Tbh I`d rather them work on something else, this was really forgettable

I want to see the Order 66

I hope gorilla other team is working on it with a full story and awesome multiplayer

Except this time without the borders on the top and bottom of the screen

Absolutely. Love the setting, characters, story and it looked fantastic, but I would want combat to be given a look over. You spend most of the game using standard firearms, and too many QTEs. It set itself up very nicely at the end for a sequel, just a bit longer would be nice.

We don`t have enough Steampunk games

The order was a garbage.

I would ...but only if they don`t force us to watch long cutscenes and we have a longer game. I did like this game but yea...if I remember correctly, cutscenes could not be skipped and you could beat the game in under 7 hrs

Yes Please! Sir you better make this happen now! I and the Fans want this so Bad. Games I want on PS5: Def Jam fight for wherever at this point Fight Night Ghost of Tsushima 2 Titanfall 3 GTA

Gotta stopthose vampires and werewolves from reaching New York.

I started this game yesterday and its heat

they should reboot the first entry with a new studio that can take over reins for any subsequent sequels. Its only a certain enemy type of not-so-good design that plagued the first entry, Ive read, besides the brevity. Either that or just jump straight to a sequel.

I never played the first one is good

Yes and let BluePoint have a crack at it

No way - only if they make something so completely different it cant really be called a sequel. Those werewolf fights and instant fail stealth sequences were appalling, like the plot, but the airship part was actually quite impressive

It did have good graphics and decent gameplay. However from what I remember it needed more weapons in general and performance wasn`t great. I`m a werewolf/vampire fan so I`m definitely down for a ps5 sequel especially if it beefs up we`re 1886 was lacking.

It was better than what people gave it credit for. So yes please

I need to go ahead and play it I own it day one and still have not played it

One of the most underrated games of the generation imo

Absolutely and a movie or show too!

One of Sonys worst 1st party games and I love my PS4/5 , so,so boring and slow

Sadly if a sequel is made it will be from a different studio. But yes I would like to see a sequel if it was more fleshed out and beefier. TheOrder1886 PlayStation5

I liked the world. The engine was beautiful. The gameplay was garbage. If Sony owns the IP I`d like to see something done with it for sure. Too bad [email protected] is now owned by Facebook.

Nope it was a pretty forgettable game

The first didnt feel like it was worth 5 dollars when on sale, sony would need to give this IP to a studio people trust and has experience with gunplay as well

I think like and retweet not help , but let it be

Is this a good game? It keep getting my attention

Id be happy with a remaster

That and Resistance 4...

stills owns the IP I think. Please do a sequel but without quick time events! For me The Order 1886 have a lot of potential in the hand of a AAA studio than do a at least 25 hour game.

Love this games atmosphere/setting and the main Characters. Would love a sequel to carry on his story and maybe see it with improved combat/encounters.

100% need a sequel, need to see them wear wolves

Yes please, but on one condition: NO G0DDAM N QUICK TIME EVENTS! Just make it traditional action combat and innovate from there. Stu pid studios always trying to go with whatevers trending at the time.

Loved it! Im sad it never got a sequel, though I hope Sony gives it another shot somewhere down the line.

Well since sown owns the ip they would need to hand the ip over to there other in house devs

Who would make it? owns ready at dawn.

Never heard of this but it looks so dope

One of the best unique game Ive ever played

Didn`t they get bought by someone and if they do make it,it won`t come to the PS5.

What if this is what the new San Diego studio is working on! Id rather see a sequel to The Order than a new Uncharted.

Anything Else? ? I would love a sequel to this game. Especially if its going to be longer and have better werewolves.

This game was amazing I hope Sony makes a sequel this was an incredible game. I still have the disc and cannot wait to play at 60fps on PS5.

I finally got it in October and I liked it!

only like, cause I only semi-want it

It would be brutal, but with a complete change to its gameplay mechanics, it was too slow on purpose at times and movement was heavy, somewhat similar to the last of us 2 for the violence and gameplay.

Most underrated game, but it was short

Ready at dawn arent a 1st party studio anymore

Yes but just longer lmao

ready at dawn are gone

Havent finished it yet

Definitely! Its a great game but the sequel needs to be longer.

I been playing this game for the past few days but...idk. I dont think its one of my type of games in my opinion. Its just i cant get into it. Im just trying to finish the story

Just platinum this last night

Yeah definitely. Still one of the best looking PS4 games and they built a cool world. Great performances from the cast as well.

never played it. always wanted to, but never seems to catch its turn

One of my favorite games on PS4

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