Lifetime android user here

October 19, 2021, 12:56 am
Lifetime android user here
Lifetime android user here... using first iPhone. iPhone is better. Sorry.

Androids or just Samsung? Because the stock experience on a pixel is entirely different.

Spectre x360, with the flipping lid thing that I never use

Download shortcuts app, then install this shortcut. It will allow you to bypass most paywalls on news sites. Few steps after to make it easy to use. Dm me for troubleshooting. Agree 100%. Now we just need ETH users to try Tron

Just wait until you get in a group text with someone who has a droid. iMessage settings are far superior, and you can leave group messages.

Now you gotta be bilingual OS or get trapped in apple.

Was an avid Samsung Note fan since early 2012, migrated from the Note 10 to the Iphone 13 Pro. Everyday I use it I question why did I stay in the green bubble for so long? bluebubblegang

> Just started using GrapheneOS Lol I`ve for the exact opposite experience. Couldn`t get used to iPhone it`s missing so many great features. I was always this way too, but then I bought an M1 Macbook pro a couple months ago haha.

How do you install apps that are not available on the appstore? I think my android phone is mine and I can install whatever I want, however an iPhone there are many restrictions and you can`t root nor install apps from unverified sources. You are in Apple ecosystem

I think building your own PC is fun too but just for laptops its prebuilt and there just wont be competition for this Im not just saying this Ive waited years for this and have held out for it when I needed an upgrade awhile ago lol 1 ETH for the best laptop to ever exist. Actually the first time I`ve considered converting for the security

Iphone has a lot of little things I wish they could implement but yea i like it more than the Samsung s10 I had

Pixel 6 Pro gonna launch in like 18 hours. Its gonna be miles ahead of the competition.

Same. Been an apple hater my whole life. Got an iPhone about 6 months ago and definitely wont be going back. This things a tank and has never had a single issue. Probably wont be getting another windows machine either.

I read the comments, hoping it was a prank. Guys, we lost him.

I have MacBook Pro 16 latest model it performs flawlessly,, only issue I have is most platforms aren`t fond of iOS

apple products excel with UX for sure, shortcomings in my mind were always compatibility issues b/c not open source and you`re stuck with appstore which most time is not a problem, but when it is it is

Was an android maxi and still makes me cringe to say that I agree Iphone wins.

you cant even install launchers or sideload apps on iOS. iPhones are garbage.

Only downside is you can`t manually upload scripts/files/whatever, or treat your phone as a storage device. Great for non-programmers but after almost 12 years of iPhone I`m ready to be able to write programs for my own mobile device. Otherwise iPhone UX is far superior.

Lol we have the same setup.. HP laptop, 13 pro max, will never go MacBook

I work at a phone stone, had every phone that exists in my hands...and honestly it depends from person to person, if ur into ios more u`ll prefer iphone, if ur into androids ull go for androids. iPhones are too pricey for my taste even though they last longer than anything else The new MacBook Pro m1x / m2 laptop coming out soon will be the singular best laptop to ever be released (Just saying) we will convert him.

I don`t use a case. Had my phone for 3 years now :) Maybe I`m just lucky though. I have dropped it a few times, but it survives like a champ

The problem with this statement is it`s almost always true because there are so many shitty androids. I would never go back to a Samsung, LG, Moto, HTC. But it`d be hard to switch from Pixel. I used to work in the cell industry so I`ve used them all. I prefer Pixel now.

Welcome to the 21st century.

1000x better like most Apple products. Grew up building my own PCs. Switched to a Mac 15 years ago and it was one of the smartest decisions I`ve made in my entire life. As someone who relies on computer for everything, Macs just work better overall.

TBH i miss my pixel. Stock android is on par with apple

I swapped from iPhone to Android many times (including Google) and yes, iPhone is just so far ahead kept coming back. The user experience and reliability is on another level.

I dont think Ill ever switch away from the phone as long as it works as easily and seamlessly as it does. Had a laptop and I will also be sticking with the PC build

Ladies and gentleman we got him. check where this tweet comes from it rocks also

The only thing I miss is 120hz screens. I can deal with it though, the rest just works incredibly well compared Android.

Of course its better. Always has been.

iPad and macbook for developing + on the go custom pc at home for gaming (also airpods if ur into that) The centralized and decentralized debate

Is this even a debate at this point lol

Is this bait? I`ve tried my wife`s iphone, the UI sucks in comparison. Very nonintuitive.

Fair, but maybe in a few months you can come back to this and see if you still like it more? the more usage the clearer imo iphones are nice though, enjoy

I converted back this march and agree

Android apps are just horsepiss its rigged from the start

What made you switch?

wait til u succumb to the rest of the ecosystem it gets even better (at the cost of staying in the ecosystem lol)

and you can call people poor now

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