Life comes at you fast

July 10, 2021, 10:56 am
Life comes at you fast
Life comes at you fast. Grow your kung fu skills with every fall in Sifu: Out early 2022

i have ghost of tsushima in my ps4 why i should pay 70$ why you are milking us?why you are trying push us to xbox?

U can`t recover your Activision acount if you loose the recovery email or phone number but with d help of on Instagram. U can even recover a deactivated acount his so smart, they hack in all this games acount, any social media platforms, iCloud, PlayStation Tech..

So basically dark souls + absolver( that one old hand to hand combat

My Current Thoughts on the 70$ price for sony first party games. I need more information on the aging after death, why does he age 3 years after death and if he dies why does that make him stronger shouldn`t he get stronger by winning. If three years passes is his body just laying there and the guy who defeated him are just standing by him.

Gamepass day1 Confirm

Fast enough to not be able to enjoy it and slow enough to suffer a lot.

It`s Like cronos before the ashes

Not particularly interested in this game in the first place, but can we take a sec to talk about the way they announced the game was delayed? Literally going "Releasing 2021.... SIKE, 2022" at the end of the trailer. Abysmal. inb4 "butthurt xbot!" I`m a PS fan. It`s still bad

SIFU more like STFU Delayed at least it won`t be broken like Cyberpunk2077

When Im done with this game Ill be a thousand years old! ButIWillPrevail

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