LG to ship G Flex to more countries early December?

November 29, 2013, 3:33 pm
LG to ship G Flex to more countries early December?

LG is set to hold an event on December the 3rd in Hong Kong, where it is expected to announce global shipping plans for its curvy smartphone, the G Flex.
After South Korea, the hi-tech maker seems to have larger plans for its first-ever curved phone. Orange in France will apparently have the phone in stock sometime in coming December, and that might mean that more European carriers will be stocking the device soon too.
But the G Flex is also expected to hit the U.S. shores as well.AT&T, T-Mobile and 
will offer the uniquely shaped LG gadget in the second largest smartphone market in the world.
The smartphone is not expected in America until early next year though, so it might become available with Android 4.4 already installed.
An other LG innovation with the G Flex, besides the curved display of course, was that the device features for the first time a "self-healing" rear; a special coating that is, that allows the phone to self-heal of hairline scratches. 
The G Flex is currently selling for 
999,900 KRW (around $940) in South Korea, and it will probably retail for around $299 in the U.S. with a two-year contract.
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