Let`s see how broken App Store search is

July 29, 2021, 9:14 pm
Let`s see how broken App Store search is
Let`s see how broken App Store search is. How far down in the list do you see my app if you just search for Nanogram?

But the person looking for it would not reach this screen, they would get it from here 93, with 92 different version of "Nonagram" ahead of it. I completely agree with you. The app store search is so poor, and has been for as long as I can remember.

Looked through the first 50 results, nanogram didnt show up

German appstore for iPhone: I gave up after appr 10 swipes.

I have the same issue with my app called relax relax theyd rather show calm and head space and mine doesnt appear in the list at all

I stopped counting at 40, but kept scrolling and eventually saw it. Maybe around 100? But I actually have a couple of those games already installed (and lots of other games), so I can (kind of?) understand it prioritizing the games.

It`s literally been this way from inception

@fardeen Whats the best way to know, if possible, whether an app is using a particular keyword?

As a fan of nonograms/picross I was going to say `nanogram` might not have been the best title for ASO

same with have to scroll a ton

Its a game, the more ratings/reviews you have the higher your ranking

Yes unfortunately the best way forward is to not count on any organic install, probably review ASO metadata (mainly appname and subtitle which are pretty weak now, focusing on Telegram + Watch KW). I don`t think backlinks will have any impact.

@gettingclouser ... its already been a big issue since people couldnt find it to pre-order it.

Not appearing for me yet. But `Nanogram` keyword is so close to the popular keyword `Nonogram` that the chance of ranking in the top 5 is pretty low imo. And all the apps with Nonogram (more than 600K DL iOS/month) often also claim the KW nanogram (to handle typo KW)

You have to give it a couple of days. You`ll be on top soon.

57 Apps like Crossy Road, 2048 and Apples Numbers was above

Do you know any major search engine that is not broken by ads? Amazon, Google do the same thing but at least on Apple Store there at least is one organic result (for now).

This is what youre looking for:
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