Let`s keep it real, without @PlayStation being created in

July 12, 2022, 4:56 am
Let`s keep it real, without @PlayStation being created in
Let`s keep it real, without being created in 94, gaming woulda died a long time ago

On the contrary, without playstation their much coveted big name intellectual property would have happened anyway....just on a Sega or Nintendo machine. ....and Xbox may never have existed.

Bruh what? Nintendo was the one that saved gaming in the Atari days. Yeah sure, with the introduction of Playstation competition was created and thus gaming was being pushed to greater limits which by contrast forced Nintendo to do mostly the same afterward.

Bro Xbox mops the floor with ps so hard that I`ve skipped PS this gen

The biggest gaming platforms today are phones, PC and Nintendo. All three were there before 94. Mobile gaming inspired from handhelds & PC is the original gaming platform. Although without PS, Sega consoles would`ve lived & Microsoft would`ve still entered the console market.

The same way E3 died when Sony stopped attending.

Naw Nintendo is the heart of the gaming industry I believe

Wrong. Nintendo will always hold the crown for saving gaming

Doom 2 came out then and, riding off the back of the first games success, drew more non gamers into gaming than ever before, and still holds that title. Next.

Without Nintendo, SEGA & Atari in early years of gaming experience. We don`t have "Video Games" first place. L take People give Nintendo too much credit. PlayStation took gaming to a whole new level from what Ive read. The N64 sold like 10M vs 100M+ that the PS1 sold. Resident Evil - Born on PS Tekken - Born on PS FF - Reborn(WAY BETTER) on PS Tomb Raider - Born on PS And many, many more.

What? Nintendo been changing the seen with every gen and so did Sega and Xbox. The industry been moving with each brand and not reliant on just one

oh like a fact that in 2.5 years 550 million desktops and laptops were sold vs how many playstations ...all of them combined ill argue the reverse is happening cause i can do more on a pc



How? It`s just another platform my guy. They just bought a bunch of third parties like everyone else

You`re correctly, Gaming after Sega would`ve just died.

Nah, we probably would still be in Nintendo vs Sega wars, doubt MS would even have entered this business.

Wow is this what the US educational system teaches people.

Sega always had the "adult style"games that Nintendo didn`t. If Sony didn`t enter the fray I believe the games Sony championed would have wound up on the Saturn then Dreamcast. Sony just proved larger companies known for other products could enter and push out game only companies

Same with xbox in 01, ps would have monopolised everything and drove gaming to the ground. Now we have a perfect Ying and Yang.


if Nintendo fall we in trouble

You must be on crack bro. Gaming existed before `94 and would have evolved just the same. Might have been just Nintendo, Sega and PC tho, MAYBE Microsoft. Keep that pipe out ya mouth tho.

When keeping it real goes wrong. Ok, hindsight-Nostradamus. Congrats on predicting yesterdays weather.

Died is quite the dramatic statement considering video games existed for 20 years prior. Yes Playstation helped grow the industry by creating competition and pushing others to innovate. But saying gaming would have died is a stretch. It would just be a smaller industry.

Oh buddy, no

You misspelled nintendo and 83 my guy

That seems like an odd generalization. Lol. Nintendo was hitting , so was Sega. Plus PC gaming was going strong also. Sony just provided more titles and different path to experience gaming.

I loved my PS1 but if it didnt exist, I still had my Saturn and N64. Chances are all or most of those games would have found a home on those consoles.

Nintendo will always keep gaming alive. The day it shuts down is the day gaming dies.

PC, Nintendo, Xbox, Sega. The world would have been fine without Playstation.

Nope, Nintendo would have still been creating bangers year after year.




OK there skippy

What`d I miss? Did gaming companies go bankrupt in `94?

Big Cap

Without Nintendo, Playstation wouldn`t be a thing Realistically it`s the collective efforts of Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft, Valve and to a lesser extent Sega that has made gaming is as successful as it is today. Competition drives innovation.

Imagine posting this and thinking it`s some sort of mic drop moment

Nintendo takes tht crown

Wrong. If it wasnt for Nintendo gaming would have died. Look at Atari. Nintendo/Sega are what killed the arcade market. They reinvigorated gaming and lead the way for Sony and Xbox to join in.

If not Sony, I expect Disney


Youre forgetting Nintendo

Damn, I have a playstation and even I have to admit this is some pony over inflation of ones importance. But sure, let`s just ignore nintendo, PC gaming, that all predate 94

u forget atari sega and Nintendo they had the biggest impact ever in video games

What? Wtf are you fanboys smoking if Sony wasnt in gaming gaming would be perfectly fine smh someone else would have come up


Because PC gaming has always relied on consoles.. I dont think it would be dead it would just look vastly different it would be ruled by Nintendo and PC.

I dont know about this one chief

No We`d actually have more gaming Sony spent billions burying it`s comp

It wont have died. It would be less advanced and big. If it was up to Nintendo, wed still be using cartridges

wouldve still been not really niche but not as mainstream of a hobby it is today

This has to be the hottest take Ive ever seen. If it werent for Nintendo, PlayStation would not exist and video games would have died off in the 80s. The only difference if PlayStation didnt exist would have made would be Sega might still be making consoles today. I guess dudes weren`t gaming in the 80s already where does this info even comes from?

I don`t know. The Sega Dreamcast would`ve done alright from what I`ve read.

That is it. I mean if you asked me which one had better games, it`s playstation but nintendo have great legacy IP and I own a switch to play that.

I will agree to disagree. Not console warring just know Animal crossing sold over 38 million on the switch, ps games haven`t reached that level yet. Nintendo were established even when they were struggling with gamecubes awful sales.

Gaming does not center around one company. It would`ve been fine.

and yet you be acting childish with this kind of mindset. Get educated my guy.

Its your opinion, but ppl with attitudes like you that neglect other platforms especially Nintendo in making up the gaming industry than just PS are not real video game fans. Not to mention Sony wouldnt exist if it werent for Nintendo.

Not really but it would be lacking years behind

I don`t think it would of died but it would of stayed a niche thing to do and not as advance as it is now

No cus we would still have Dreamcast.

Gaming would be a bit behind but not dead. The Saturn would have been the primary go to system for the 5th gen for devs due to it using discs, and we would have probably gotten the Dreamcast as the N64 was still there to show the capabilities of 3d.

At first, I was gonna dispute this, specifically cause people would`ve done the thing Nintendo expected them to do during the GC era and begged them for a GC dev kit. But then I think of how Square, Naughty Dog, Insomniac, Rockstar, ect would`ve went out of business without them.

I`d say nintendo would still be doing their own thing. If it weren`t for them telling Sony its over we wouldn`t have got the PlayStation. PS is my favourite by far but we can`t kid ourselves. Nintendo owns the industry.

Revisionist history - Nintendo was still going strong, Xbox was on the way, and competition from Sony was the main reason Sega closed up shop in 2001. In your no-Sony alt-universe, Sega is still in business.

No it wouldn`t. Gaming was not close to dying. Playstation just came in and took it further.

Never thought about it that way but youre probably right. They don`t wanna hear what you said. But they`re listening.

Yes Sega collapsed and Xbox didn`t come out for years...

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