Lenovo ThinkPad is the advice I always get

January 13, 2021, 4:00 pm
Lenovo ThinkPad is the advice I always get
Lenovo ThinkPad is the advice I always get. We`ve got one (I don`t use it) and it seems great. Sturdy beasts.

Oh in that case, Steve is right. If it`s size you are going for then yeah, the Chrome OS is probably good for you.

That`s what I assumed. Maybe the Android versions of Adobe`s apps might work for the light editing situations you`re talking about? By the way, the Duet had stylus support which I know you graphic peeps like.

If you are doing real graphics work, photoshop is about the standard. GIMP claims to be photoshop compliant, but isn`t. Lots of the blending modes are missing and there`s a TON of bugs in GIMP.

There`s loads of information online and lots of good review videos on YouTube. The concensus is basically that it`s not perfect but it has no right being so good for the price that it is. I have one myself and love it. Rremember you can run Linux on it!

You really should consider Chrome OS. These days it`s very advanced. You can run Linux apps and Android apps. The Lenovo Ideapad Duet is a real steal. Unbelievably low price for what you get, but it might be a bit small for your needs.

A couple of years ago, I bought an Asus FX504, definitely capable of doing Windows-Linux dual boot. Different specs, so I went pretty high, but lower specs will be better priced. Down side: battery life. The 2021 equivalent should be better.

Dell Precision laptops (from their work section) allow you to select Ubuntu os. But you gotta do it from a desktop and not a phone to get that option

I like Chrome ...I run Chrome on an Apple Macbook Pro. But again, depends on what you are doing with it.

I`m a windows guy bought a top of the line laptop for around $1100, weighs about 2 pounds and has severed we well for 3 years. So yeah I`m probably not much help
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