LEFT or RIGHT ?!?!

January 22, 2022, 1:42 am
LEFT or RIGHT ?!?!
LEFT or RIGHT ?!?! apple oneplus

Jesus flagship androids are really upping their game recently in terms of rear design

right, just for the design of the the camera bump

Always like the simplicity of the iPhone

I like how the iPhone looks more but would rather have the OnePlus for Android.

Both. the color looks really nice

Definitely the left iphone

Im an Apple fan. But right one only for the Matt texture !!! iPhones are fingerprint magnets

Although I have a Oneplus, this one`s design looks bad

An iPhone 6S is still receiving iOS updates. Many android phones from back then are still on Marshmallow or Nougat.

To the left, to the left

I`ll probably have both in a few months

iPhone 11 Pro Max midnight green is still better than Oneplus or Samsung colors in green.

iPhone. I switched from S10 and OP7 to iPhone 12. Dont regret it. Last iPhone i had was 4S. Used galaxies after that.

Had left but they pissed me off got right hate it bring on the Q phones

Left cause I dont like big phones in my hand

middle yes the tables better

Even if I choose,you won`t give me.....why to choose for?????

Would never go back to android. Every android phone i have ever had is terrible

OnePlus Oneplus10pro

Left for sure, no question.

Thats the One Plus? I thought that might be the iPhone 14.

Right . And yes Im 100% in the Apple ecosystem.

the one plus looks soo much better lol team oneplus

Something like the son of Apple and Samsung

Left, I already have a stove.

Design Right, but performance and ColorOs left!

Your left or my left?

Is there compulsion for choose one.? I wish i have both..

Go with whatever you prefer, either or wont be a mistake. All flagships are the same now. Both will do just as a good job.

Left would be that option for me.

right, smaller size! wins, same functionality and more power in a smaller package

Green looks bad on both, I`ll go down.

Wanna go left but can`t leave right.

Left, shouldve made a green 13 I wouldve bought it.

I will says left, because if I need to sell it will sell faster and always kept a good price range...

I don`t know anything about either but the one on the right (oneplus) is sexy!!

Left has nothing right in it and right has nothing left in it waiting for S22 ultra

come choose abeg!

Tempted to go right

Tech companies making phones bigger and bigger as if humans grow their hand size each year. It`s surreal....

LEFT anyday and anytime

As a OnePlus owner, left

OnePlus is super phone

Left Without question!

One+ is preferable

left for sure that new one plus is trash the previous version was better

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