Left iPhone 13 Pro Max Right Note 20 Ultra

October 17, 2021, 8:38 am
Left iPhone 13 Pro Max Right Note 20 Ultra
Left iPhone 13 Pro Max Right Note 20 Ultra

Note is on ultrawide?

N20U wins, The "HDR" on the iphone is just

One of them is an ultrawide pic and the other a normal lens pic. Why not compare both of these with the same type of lens pics?

Right one is definitely better. But we`ve come to a point where the smartphone cameras are damn amazing.

More details on the iPhone but I prefer the note 20 because of its colours and because you can actually see the clouds

Apple needs to rectify the hdr problem and also need to fix too much contrast.

Dynamic range is below average on iphone this year, and here is another example. Due to this clouds look completely washed out and floor details are lost too. And grewt job samsung.

iPhone HDR goes brrrr

I havent had any of these problems with my 13 Pro, but the strange stuff with the clouds seems pretty common. Hopefully its just an unoptimized software thing that can be fixed with a software update.

It`s definitely the note The colors are amazing

Theres definitely something wrong with the clouds for the 13PM and it must be cause of the new lens. Should be fixed with a software update cause my XR has better dynamic range than that. I like the foreground for the 13PM though.

Left Yellow. Right looks fine

iPhone maintains a massive lead on video, no question.

I saw in several reviews that iPhone 13 was "the best camera system on any phone," yet the samples I`ve seen here lately, while far from bad, certainly don`t scream "best camera ever."

iPhone dynamic range is so bad. Look at those clouds...

On the look out for it

Also, keep these coming, please. Especially with the Note.

Id go Note for the clouds alone.

Its the same pub !!!!! I was thinking note as well

Note caught more details in the clouds

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