Just tried it

February 7, 2021, 5:36 pm
Just tried it
Just tried it. It works. They really sold a dummy phone to billions of dummies. Everyday I realize we dont be knowing shit about our phones.

I hate appleheads No yall just the dummies for buying a $1k phone just to communicate and take pictures. These are the same people that argue over Android and iPhone.

Im about to be saving all kinds of stuff. Id usually just bookmark articles.

Not when you deleted files off your phone to create more storage space

Its a relatively nice feature so dont feel too bad lol. You can scan documents in the notes app also.

I feel so incredibly DUMB rn

A tour needs to come with each update like the Adobe softwares

Smartphones... Dumb people

that PDF to files is a lifesaver

First of all who uses Safari

Ok lets end this debate about ANRIOD and APPLE phones.. ANDROID phones are complicated yes they make seem like its everything and they probably are but no one likes dealing with something complicated.. APPLE phones are simple, easy to understand have cool features ETC..

Might just start using safari after this wow

That`s what natural user interface is. It allows billions of people to use their tech without knowing how it works. Millions of YouTubers entire careers are explaining these new features. Android users (me).....same thing. Function is built into the OS.... One of the reasons why ppl still think Apple is better than Samsung

I sell these damn things to people and i dont even know what they can do

My mom had an iphone ages ago & only used it for the phone & fb app. Not even Google maps (she still printed out directions) & when I`d tell her to zoom in to take a picture, she`d just extend her arms before taking it.

Not available for those of us too poor who have old phones running iOS 12.

Who is WE???? Wait until yall discover the full power of Shortcuts

Can`t wait till I can afford one

the phone has tips and instructions on it...

It did not work for me

You can only do this is in Safari, so it`s not as useful as you think. Oh yeah and android has been doing this for awhile

You can also use touch the apple logo on the back of yo phone to do different things like screenshot etc.

This is ONLY if you use Safari. Which I dont.

Everyday I learn

I mean do you guys even watch them apple presentations ??

yall dont read the updates they give us bro lol

Yeahhh!! Wheres the user guide and tutorials baby. ?

Literally learn somethin new about my phone everyday

And you can copy and paste pictures

Is this new I dont see that on mine

Apple could put the same phone out every year and no one would question it

But arent we able to save the whole page as a pdf without screenshotting?

Every day I find out something I was so dumb to about my phone

Mine doesnt have that

Android users are about to say they had this feature for years.

Wth! My phone doesnt have that feature.

nah cause spending thousands on a phone has me in my tips section and YouTube all the time. Im finna get my money out this hoe!

i swear that button just got there today

Doesnt work for me. It just keeps drawing on it with the marker when I try to scroll

Full page didnt show up for me

all they be advising is how much better the camera is!

Lol honesty I love to look up the specs and features of iPhones and this has come in handy ALOT and you just save it as a pdf. Ive created E Book Files and everything lol

yall know YouTube exist and dont think to watch a video on YouTube when your phone tells you about an update. Watch videos on iPhone updates and the iPhone itself so yall can know how to use your phones.

This is me on tik tok everyday when I see a things you didnt know your iPhone can do part 1345 Mind blown

yall dnt be watchin the apple presentations lol

Shut the front door

Let me hop into these forums and see how I can really use this phone lol

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