Just to be clear: download feature is never coming

January 20, 2021, 5:36 pm
Just to be clear: download feature is never coming
Just to be clear: download feature is never coming to Vanced because it led to closing so many YT mods in the past, Vanced devs don`t want to take that risk.

Ok then hide the button

Can you add resizable pip mode in app..

I use on Android (and yotube-dlg on the PC); works a treat.

No problem Just search "Snaptube pro apk" nd install it.

What was the reason but which they had to close? Why and how would the download button lead to the closure of app?

Is YouTube music the same?

U don`t need a lot of thinking to figure it out Thanks vanced team

Dont need it, we are happy with it as it is

Totally agree with you

Is vanced available for Android tv?

aight. was wondering but this makes sense.

Don`t try this feature on the main app, create a copy and test so if it goes tits up, atleast you have something to come back to. Anyway good to get confirmation as I was wondering why it didn`t work. Maybe put this as a comment where the download option is on the app.

Can you please make it easier to get push notifications?

If you want to download a Video, use that Great I think u should just remove the download menu and logo instead

Can we get download video in 1080p?

Can you please update the app. Everytime I click on it. It says update the app

I don`t get it. How can google "close" vanced? it`s not even in the play store

Who care`s about donwloading video , thanks for all what you`re doing

Well said. They`ve got SnapTube if they are that desperate to dl

Any chance ad free Version of facebook?

If you want to download a video, use youtube-dl from your laptop then transfer.

Honestly I`d be more interested in hiding the download button youtube-dl and NewPipe are better at downloading anyway

Good decision, keep doing the great work. Actually it`s not that hard to just install termux, python & youtube-dl & tasker to enjoy self-served downloads

At least, just ADD an option to HIDE that useless download button!

Understandable, just please let me customize Sponsorblock more. It keeps skipping intros and outros and there`s nothing I can do about it

Don`t want, never asked.

Just link to a website to download the video there, so you don`t have any legal problems.

Use "New Pipe Legacy" download it from Google. It`s very simple to use. Here is a screenshot. To who Ever wants to download youtube videos. A good to use without annoying adds... Just wnat to make sure that u never sell our data to third party.....or do you

It`s not worth the risk. Anybody who wants to download videos to watch outside of YouTube can find ways of doing so. youtube-dl is what I use, which can be used on Android with a terminal emulator such as Termux.

Also... Are uploads broken or it`s just me? When the file selected it asks open in which app with no apps or keeps loading eternally when shared from the files app... bug

Pin it in vanced manager dev, it will teach them not ask obv question lol

Hide the download button behind a "Are you a Google representative?" question. They will never find out Timeline split into chapters?

Also we don`t need that fricking thing! If u need... Just use another alternative... There`s no way to integrate that function to the app with this solid builds

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