Just order new phones from Verizon

September 15, 2021, 3:07 pm
Just order new phones from Verizon
Just order new phones from Verizon. Can`t wait to get my Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

Fair assessment and thats what I like about it. So to each their own.

I guarantee you the views Apple has, Google or a Korean company probably have too..

All good, to each their own! But they are both good.

Such an outdated argument though, 99.9% of activities you can do on Android you can do on iOS. The only reason to favour Android is the ability to easily side load apps, but theres no real reason to need to do this outside of piracy nowadays

Damn dude. Even I had good things to say about Android and Samsung.

I literally can not think of a single thing Apple does that`s terrible that every other corporation out there doesn`t do. I can think of quite a few Google does starting with no data privacy and the inability to pay to get data privacy

Lol. K

Ive never seen you give a legitimate reason as to why you hate the iPhone. Other than. You hate it.

Another in a long line of bad takes from Joe

People like what they like, I dont think the differences between them are as big as they used to be.

I was Android up until the iPhone 8 Plus. Then I switched. Never looked back iOS multitasking flows so much better than Android.

I like my security updates as soon as they become available.

For about 6 months.

Still an issue. Android releases the update.... Samsung has to get it and do their thing because they`ve customized the OS..... then they have to send it to the carriers and hope they send it out. Sometimes the carriers don`t. But even when they do there is no quick turnaround

Unfortunately Samsung ruins Android, the Pixel phones now, thats beautiful android.

It`s really not. Not to mention the version fragmentation. So depending on your device and carrier you can`t get certain updates (including security updates) and sometimes can`t even run certain apps. It`s gross system.

I`d be concerned simply because their first attempt at a folding device failed so hard. How many folds before these die. Will that kill your trade in value, etc. Just need a little more time / data before I can hop into a folding device.

I wont touch a folding phone for at least a few years.

Ull love it. I`ve had it since release date

I would not recommend the fold for a few more years, lots of durability concerns, especially if youre gonna be around dust and all that

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