just me, or 120Hz on Samsung feels faster than

September 25, 2021, 10:40 am
just me, or 120Hz on Samsung feels faster than
just me, or 120Hz on Samsung feels faster than 120Hz on iPhone?

They might need some time tuning it. Although apple usually implements these features much better from the launch but Samsung has optimised 120Hz better, no doubt in that.

Rakesh bhai things same though

talk about this also

Very true its equal with my 90 hz on one plus 7 pro

This is because apple promotion switches automatically between 60 Hz and 120 Hz in order for better battery life, where Samsung sticks at 120 Hz, so definitely 120 Hz on samsung phones would be better.

Yes you are right F Iphone lol..... old school!

And Moto Edge 20 pro is even faster, with its 144 Hz

I dont think you guys will compare windows with android then why are you going for ios vs android?

Samsung phones provide updates longer than iphones???

120Hz is better on a OnePlus

Fix coming as per apple comments. This is because Samsung touch is faster while iPhone touch is smoother

iOS has LOOOONG animations (misinterpreted as smoothness by 99.9% of the blogosphere). They would whine about dropped frames on Android even if the app itself loads faster. Perhaps that`s what you are seeing.

Love Android, but once Apple allows for it, it will be up to par, however it feels underbaked, this year with all the software issues and iOS 15 not seeming to be done well. Even the new iPhone is okay, not wow out of the park but we might just be at that wall.

Lol, this sounds like an alternate universe. Usually it`s iPhone users who say such things!

for samsung users who have adaptive refresh rate, u guys can always enable this fps watcher from developer option, and stop making guesses about the refresh rates Of course see the 2 frame different Lol to those who said "Apple 120hz is better because they implemented it better than Android"

probably. you can force it to be always on on samsung. but on iphones its all controlled by apple, so it may not be on at all times.

Its has different animation thats why I can feel different :3

It`s funny how reviewers concluded that the iPhone was smoother without even testing it in slow motion to confirm if apps were really running animations at 120fps.

Received mine today....literally the 12 pro max I gave to my daughter.

Well Samsung locks to 120Hz and Apples dynamically switches. There will be milliseconds of delay.

Not entirely true Ive been using it both side by side and 120hz is 120hz and its very similar other then obviously software optimization..

It`s the truth that`s never told lol

I noticed this immediately this morning.

UI of my Pixel 4a feels faster than UI of iPhone 13 mini. I tried out the iPhone 13 mini yesterday at an Apple store.

Well good as long as its a software problem and not hardware

To all those who are saying it`s due to apple promotion display can switch between 10Hz o To 120Hz..yes samsung does that too...That`s what LTPO display is..

To me it feels smoother on iPhone. The only time I noticed 120 hz on Samsung was if I was trying to scroll back to the top of an article or social media site. Thats just my opinion though and I can at least say I have used both.

Dont know Never touched any of these.

So its not just me Because 3rd party apps aren`t optimized for 120hz yet??

Let`s take a step back and think about this statement for a second. Who out of those two companies are the leading manufacturers of televisions? Samsung knows what they are doing when it comes to displays, pixels, smoothness everything. Of course Samsung is king in this aspect.

I literally feel no difference on the new iPhone compared to last year my s21 ultra feels 100x smoother and faster!!!!!

I believe you. The fact that popularity youtubers are not saying Apple did 120Hz better says it all. If it was better, they definitely going say it. If it ain`t, they can`t say it until it is widely reported. Lmaoo. American youtubers for that matter

Yes its faster tried it but the animation on 13 pro max smooth my eyes never lies

I cant tell the difference between 12 and 13 Pro tbh. Slightly.

This could be a factor

Probably cause apple has longer animations

Everytime i use 120hz on my phone it gets super laggy and not very responsive

Hmm, this type of stuff?

Samsung 120HZ is so Smooth that it will make your eyes feel that it`s faster but in reality it`s only the Smoothness which makes you get used to it and makes you feel that other displays are Lagging

So far yeah definitely

Guess u weren`t wrong. Been thinking this. Definitely feels and looks better on Samsung.

ProMotion is adaptive.

Samsung 120hz when selected isn`t an adaptive kind so stays consistent leading to slightly high battery usage. Whereas on Apple it`s adaptive, basis content on screen likes Games/Streaming video etc it switches to 120hz and for rest gets dynamically levelled at 60hz or so.

Maybe, but remember the ProMotion display on iPhone that optimize the refresh rate for the battery, not for performance. Will be just in 120hz in games not all the time...

Becauses most apps on iphone don`t even support 120.

Why Apple always need to over-smart? 10Hz increments, Who care this shit? The fact is Apple trying to save battery with non-smooth animation/scrolling while Samsung Adaptive displays is the best performance battery saving version for now.

Is your iPhone screen made by Samsung, LG, or BOE?

Wow. Hopefully Apple fixes this.

They have nerfed 120hz in many aspects of the OS to preserve Battery and make their non pro models still worthy. Just horizontally swipe between the home pages between non pro and pro. You ll see no difference whatsoever.

It`s not about being fast, it`s about being smooth.

Nope, my s21 Ultra feels much fastet

It probably is what`s the cool down?

Because iPhone 120hz isnt proper 120hz. Apple fucked up the implementation.

Theres currently a glitch on the iOS 15 firmware that makes certain animations only run at 60hz.

maybe some of the apps on iPhone 13 are not optimized for 120hz.

yes you are right apple is just like a copy with still notch Phone and Samsung is a experimental and innovative company , So these days, bcoz apple belong to USA that`s they are surviving otherwise nobody will buy apple cell phone .

Of course it does! They been doing it longer.

You aren`t the only one. Because its Called Pro Motion; It switches depending on what you do.

I wouldn`t be surprised

Watched some comparisons on youtube and I also kind of feels the same. But I dont think iphone has or allow any app to verify the refresh rate of the screen as some android apps can do.

I think normal people don`t even notice 60 vs 120

Maybe because it`s not locked in?

Animation speed is a factor also.

I wonder how 120Hz on Pixel 6 will feel....

My Samsung stutters ALL THE TIME and i feel cheated when I use the OnePlus 9 Pro for two minutes

What is your parameter or barometer for the measurement?

The iPhone has the dynamic scaling. So it only scales up to 120hz when it thinks it needs it (based on content type, battery life, etc)

Probably animation speed!

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