Just installed Android 12 and half of my apps

June 11, 2021, 12:28 pm
Just installed Android 12 and half of my apps
Just installed Android 12 and half of my apps don`t launch, including Gmail. all updates applied. Nice

Android System WebView has been acting up a lot lately. It is crazy how many apps depend on it, yet it is not a core system component, more like a system app, updated through Google Play.

Same issue here on Pixel 5

Digital Detox update complete!

A self-inflicted wound!

Games and visual novels... For now...

So are all those apps just souped up progressive web apps?

Reset Android System WebView and it is working now

Thanks for the warning. Pixel 4 here

Maybe launched too Early of devs are not so okay with some conditions regarding the new release

You should try or ! :) They are very privacy focused.

Oh that exact same thing happened to me. I needed a full reset for things to work. I have a pixel 4

It`s working pretty well on a Pixel 4 so far and seems better then Beta 1.

So its just as unstable as usual?

Have you tried turning your phone off then on?

It`s a new feature designed for users that needs to spend more time away from their phones.

That`s a new security feature.

Whats your device using Android?

That`s weird.... Mine are all working so far... On a Pixel 4 XL

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