Just buy an Xbox

June 22, 2021, 12:23 pm
Just buy an Xbox
Just buy an Xbox..

Literally the hardest way to play a Game

More like "please bring this game to Playstation so we don`t have to get an xbox & can still make fun of xbox for not having any exclusive games we want to play"

Somebody get this guy his binky and blankey Got cellphone

Dont even need to do that

So many claimed they didnt need an Xbox because of their amazing PCs, since Xboxs exclusives release there, alone with console. Starfield is releasing on PC, so folks should be good, right?Right??! smhlol I realize not EVERY PS fan claimed this, twas just the fanboy crowd.

So can we get a petition for spiderman games on xbox!.. What you mean like spiderman you lot on PlayStation are a joke

Just imagine being so entitled that you would rather start a petition then buy another console to play a game.

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