just bought the iPad mini purple

June 22, 2022, 11:39 pm
just bought the iPad mini purple
just bought the iPad mini purple. Ive been spoiling myself my life really sucks lately and shopping therapy is helping Ill miss the air but I was hoping to make it a laptop replacement and I havent needed it for such since getting it. Ill get it or Mac air later again.

Thought about swapping my Air to a mini too because of the weight to hold, but not sure about the screensize. Report back!

I actually just made a video about how terrible it was to game on a mac, but I still enjoy using a mac for everything else. Take care of yourself Gene!

With the iPhone 13 Pro Max being so large I honestly dont see the need for a tablet these days.

I bought the first volume of TMNT thanks to you. Retail therapy works lol

I think I`m right around 200 physical Switch games now. Lately It`s been a lot of Ps5 physical.

Im hoping with the move to Apple Silicon on the will help the gaming on Macs. I know they had Capcom come to WWDC and they had RE8 on stage and it ran pretty good.

Recently, Ive been ordering 1 game per pay check off eBay mostly for this reason. Always feels good knowing theres a game on the way for me

Terence gets it. Ive also bought a ton of switch physical carts in recent weeks. Will post my haul when its all in.

I picked up an iPad Mini this spring and have been loving it. Perfect for so many use cases and a great companion to a morning cup of coffee.

insert treat yourself parks and rec gif here

Great choice! Love mine and hope you enjoy it! Its like my little pal I usually have it with me on the couch and on the bedside table at night.

Planning to get a Macbook Air for Twitch and DJing. Been using a 2012 Macbook Pro for 10 years now and that thing is already kicking dust.

Shopping therapy is always good, it`s a nice distraction.

For me, i just use Parsec to play my PC games on my Macbook. It`s a better alternative to than wishing for Apple to take Mac gaming seriously. Apple makes money off iOS when it comes to games and they seriously see gaming on Mac as a competition to the iOS.

Fun to read manga on it isn`t :))

Just picked up the 5th gen Air this week myself. Used to be Apple ecosystem for over a decade then switched to Google ecosystem and love it. But needed this Air is too nice not to add to the mix.

Its too bad Mac has no real ecosystem for good games otherwise I never wouldve left the MacBook line years ago. But outside of gaming the air really has been my best laptop experience and I miss it so much

I got the Samsung Z fold3 and realized after fiddling with it that I don`t need my work laptop anymore. It`s actually worse performing then my phone plugged into a monitor which is WILD

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