Just a reminder - System apps arent considered bloatware

April 25, 2022, 12:52 pm
Just a reminder - System apps arent considered bloatware
Just a reminder - System apps arent considered bloatware. Be it Samsung, be it Apple, be it Xiaomi.

I would love to install some of Samsung stock apps on my non Samsung phone miss them

Redundant apps are bloat. That`s it.

auto updating it and running on the background and showing notifications makes it bloat ware

Owned Xiaomi phone in the past and it had a lot of bloatware and unnecessary apps. Not sure how is situation right now with Xiaomi and Huawei phones especially if they are Chinese version. Like iPhone in china will have same amount of stock apps as in US.

System apps are consider bloatware, some of the useless apps that is preinstall is a burden, just ignore this dude, he is drunk and dk what is the meaning of bloatware Duplication of apps and unwanted pre-installed stuff is bloatware, no matter whether system or non-system ones very straightly mentioned it in `s "THE TRUTH" why to duplicate apps that OS (ANDROID) is already providing

Phone app is bloatware

My definition of Bloatware include Third Party apps pre installed and Apps that provide ads on any screen.

cares about the premium experience, not extreme customisation at the cost of simplicity. There is no way apple puts bloatware and even it allows to delete the first party apps if you dont need them unlike on the android side every time you update an android midrange phone .

Which phones are you used

How do you name system apps that contain ads? (e.g. Samsung Health) And how do you consider doubled apps as for photos, for fitness, and so on? Samsung is great, but it isnt free from bloatware, and also other Android brands

If you don`t want any bloatware go for a Pixel.

At least we can do that on iPhone. Grow up kid. Lol I consider them as unwanted in Samsung. Cause we already have Google apps

But those who send frequent unwanted notifications even after Disabling it are called?

Unwanted system should also be considered as bloatwares. Eg. ONE UI. Calculator app is required, hence it`s not a bloatware. GALAXY STORE is not required as we have play store. So it will be considered as a bloatware. If someone needs it, can download it. No need to push it.

Lot`s of people are confusing 1st party apps installed on phones as bloatware. Might as well give them a clean phone with no android!

People complain about samsung bloatware and I`m like?....
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