JUS funny how the most expensive phone i have

October 27, 2021, 5:54 am
JUS funny how the most expensive phone i have
JUS funny how the most expensive phone i have is an android and cheapest i have is an iPhone, yet people look down on android users. In some cases there surely livin a life better than iPhone users

Android incorporates Itel, smadl, g-tide, Tecno, Redmi among more other established brands.., and iOS is only for the iPhone.. Check the specs again, iPhone 13 pro Max inoremera Zfold 3 in all aspects

I like the I have

We not just looking at the brands but does that android specs outweigh those of apple

The things some ppl care about

Itel bho still iPhones are just simple & efficientAndroids are for geeks

So people are valuing their lifestyles based on phones. What a time to be alive

Wait king!!!! Do you own this Excellent gadget and the specs For the first time mdhara ma supportewo isusu team re Itel

Measures of wealth on social media are twisted

Haurevi nhema. Plus inobuditsa real pictures of me. Not the fake and exaggerated ones

Pipo look down on adroid users a u sure about that. For sure i rilly understand wer u kmn from brother.

But the moment you get iphone 13 , Im sure it will change everything that youve said here

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