September 25, 2021, 11:05 am
Jesus. Apple wasnt kidding about the new sensors . 3x zoom with night mode enabled. Left =iPhone 13PM Right = S21U

Can ip take photo of the moon? (genuine question)

When you are done, lets talk about how nice the building is

I know it`s hard to accept, but.... No way iphone beats Samsung camera unless with snapchat. I TRIED THEM BOTH NO WAY .

Wow, that photo taken on the iPhone looks sharp and natural.

Thats looks really crisp! Cant wait to see how Pixel 6 will compare

Theres no competition to iPhone cameras

Can guarantee s21u didn`t activate its 3x lens. Happens always during lowlight. Look at the photo details.

Good. Now do the same with 10x zoom and regular.

For the comparison to be fair , use night mode on the periscope lens of the S21 Ultra

Low light and night mode for me has been a massive improvement

I feel like you should have left out which picture was from what phone at first, find out what people genuinely liked (instead of those saying the right is better because its a Samsung) then reveal which is which. But there has been some comedy gold in here with peoples eyesight

Interesting Did the 3x telephoto on S21U actually kicked in? Because sometimes even though you click on the 3x camera it won`t kick in due to insufficient light, you need to cover the main sensor to force the 3x sensor ro kick in.

Except iPhone 13 is much closer to Galaxy S22 than it is to Galaxy S21 which is pretty much last generation. 8 months gap vs 4 months gap, I`m sure everyone would agree that Galaxy S22 will be its competitor though the S21 Ultra still keeps up as shown in Arun`s comparison video.

Right looks better

Your street light is crooked.

is the one on the right actually using the 3x, or is it doing the silly "use the 1x in bad lighting" thing

something doesn`t add up here You think an iPhone 13 mini is a good buy?

That is an improvement...

This definitely looks like a cropped 3x from the wide angle on the right. Are you sure the 3x lense activated? Nevertheless that iPhone 13 3x looks great

Next month Google is going to show everyone how night night sight and astrophotography is do with new sensors and even better Machine learning n AI

not possible even the telephoto on s9 plus is better

I recommend u take the photo on the samsung again coz it seems like it used digital zoom and not the actual telephoto lens

I don`t know if the telecamera of s21 was triggered, but here the shot from iphone is better.

What on earth is an S21U and who thought that was a decent name for any product?

while the iPhone shot looks better in quality and sharpness, the hdr on the s21 is incredible plus the colors are more accurate

Big W! I guess you don`t have any proofs

The amount of detail clarity on the left is better than the right.

Did you check if the S21 Ultra actually used the 3x sensor? That`s the issue with Samsung, they use the main camera in low light for zoom. S21 Ultra will use 108MP till 4x or sometimes at night, and 3x telephoto for up to 12x or so.

Right one is captured with moving hand intentionally to give a point to Apple. Nice try though

I think its the opposite

Is the right focusing correctly?

Samsung Fanboys: tHe RiGhT iS bEtTeR

I`m too broke to buy either so I`m happy with my 2 year old $200 budget phone. I just crank down the iso and increase the exposure and with a 4 buck tripod, the pics are decent.

Samsung cameras looks like crap nowadays

Yep bingo, but why didn`t you show it?

Just wait for the iPhone 22 Pro Max Ultra Plus

The one on the right looks better..

Looks like 3x not enabled in S21U automatically.

WOAH wasn`t kidding about the 3x being better on the iPhone as opposed to Samsung

Apple`s 3x zoom is obviously better (Samsung`s isn`t even using a proper 3x zoom) but what about the other lenses?

So much clearer on iphone , I did read that the 3 times is better on the iPhone but on 5 times is when s21 will kick in .

I should have said the blue light filter. It`s called night mode on my phone so that`s what I defaulted to.

I prefer the photo on the right. The one on the left looks as if I`ve left night mode on, it`s like a sepia filter has been added.

That`s quite impressive.

What do you have on right? True for the main and ultra wide. The tele on the other hand went from 2.2 (12 PM) to 2.8 on the 13 Pro afaik.

Just wait for the S22U

Didn`t know the telephoto on the 13 Pro has a different sensor?

Thats some impressive software and hardware implementation.

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