Its sad how bad news spread faster than good

August 3, 2021, 5:29 am
Its sad how bad news spread faster than good
Its sad how bad news spread faster than good ones. Am not a bad person, am human and i do make mistakes. 9yrs doing business. Apologies to everyone i might have wronged in anyway and to anybody that believes am bad am here to say sorry. Pls remind me in your prayers.

Remind u of what in prayers?

Hmm this guy scammed me and sold me a phone with a very bad battery..I had to replace the battery twiceI was really hurt.but in all I dont pray for your downfall na nipa nso y3 di3n.

People are really happy a man is down? And setting bad review agenda against him, at this time? Damn,this time? Really?

Wish you a strong comeback.

Till now the phone isnt working Since April. I pray God restore everything you have lost.

This guy made me cried errh.I bought a fon and within some the days the fon just go off and on just like that. I reported to him and what he did to me.I even begged to add some money to take a new one and he said no.later he took the phone to repair and I have to go up and down.

Exactly what I wanted from you bro. No condition is permanent. Be strong this too shall pass.

Dont scam ppl next time.

there are lots of pple with lot of proves on hw u reacted wen they complained abt their faulty devices,but as u said we human n make mistakes,onetyn u should know is ,it shouldnt be all abt the money u making,your intergrity matters most in a business ,just come back stronger

God be with you bro. Is not easy to run a business in this country. Wish you all the best

Relax brother, your best is yet to come. You just completed the first and major stage of your life. In 2 years you will be 10x bigger than you were before this issue a little more issues will come up but chill and smile through it, in 6 months it will all be over. Job 42:12

Be strong bro

If you ever feel like quitting remember this guy and start again. Youre allowed space to grief but get up and try again. Chale the road to success is not easy. This is just another hurdle and you shall overcome

This guy sell me iphone X 100 % 2 weeks time battery dey 77%..As i link up he tell me say make God bless me make ah fly go dubai den ah go understand apple types.. Hi lovely wotriso!

Sei aaa nna Nam 1 y3 y3 till date we still waiting for the comeback... Apologize to those u f**ked up and let`s move on. The negative energy round u now, this kraa is even small compared to what it can bring. Ghanaians are very forgiving. Just apologize or hmmm

We dont need it here. Go to the people you duped and insulted. Give them better ones. It works more than this video you posted here

Aww sorry.. if you have serial numbers of all the iProducts just have them blacklisted.. thats the only option.. Going thru the comments I feel one of ur customers that had a bad experience with u may be behind this.. Get heart my bro, its part of life

You ankasa ibi like your bad reviews chaw oh. As in I`ve noe heard from more than 3 people who say you deliberately sold them fake devices. One you packaged as new.

Ah you no do insurance?

we re sorry hauntieee

Sometimes edo aah Na edey funny, me you dont work with Apple or any Supplier. But claiming you know everything about Apple and spoiling brands. I remember some guy warned you about you spoiling their business. You should have stayed away from those videos. Anyways sorry ok

I still haven`t forgotten u sold fake airpods pro to me and when i confronted told me to update it na is not your fault it apples fault. Do the right thing from now onwards.

You`re a nice guy o. No homo

come see

Come back stronger

You ankasa your face dey show say ube fraud! FOH!!!

My prayers are with you boss, I called u this afternoon and a lady picked up ur call buh i left a message to her for you. Stay strong and we are with you. Dont let some comments bring u down, i know youre a good person not today buh 2015 der i saw u on Social Media. Stay safe

I don`t weep for ppl anyhow. Things we do to become popular and rich backfires in the future. Only God knows

This job is not easy chairman you going get back up. NEVER GIVE UP

Oh Chale ,sorry ! I gofi see for in eye inside say the thing bash am Sorry chale

Please watch the people you give your phone to cuz call Apple dier its painful. Be back stronger

You guys be real.. If he was a bad dealer. Do you think he would openly set up a shop and always show his face to the camera??? This man is legit, some people just got bad deals and it`s normal.. At least he said he would fix em why are y`all still judging him. Shame

That`s the spirit you will be restored and will come back bigger and better than this

God will answered your prayers if only you confess your mistakes to him.

You are not a bad person... People are quick to believe whatever they hear without thinking it through.

Sorry bro. Wish you the best but I must say this doesn`t look or sound convincing at all. Besides how do you tell someone to contact apple about the battery issues 2 days after buying from you. Huh.

I pray you get through this brother

Stay strong Capo

wose?? Ee go bi bro, God is not dead

please I know my grammar isn`t good but the word is "I`m or I am" not "am"

Lol Its sad but from some convo I saw U deserve it. Call apple maybe they can resolve it for you too

Saying you give your phone to people to reply your messages is total BS. Neegga you lying, you might not be a dad person but you certainly rude.

The 9 years die33 you take do squad papa

This might seem petty but next time replace all the "Am" with "I`m".

Check your dm bro. It is well!


Whatever the comments, u still my main plug

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God dey, your comeback will be greater than your setback. Be strong, King. Its well

My eye get

remember him in your prayers.

Thats the spirit!!!Dont ever give up

You will bounce back in Jesus name

for your information bro

I just like the last part.... "I will come back". That`s the life of someone who is not wiling to give up no matter what. You will be restored bro and in multiple folds. Mark this tweet. Stay blessed

so sorry may God restore u all you lost.. May doors of opportunities to become better be opened unto you..

Your man make me emotional now

e go be! Thats the spirit! Dont give up! Being alive is all that matters. igoodsgh ForgetTheHaters

E no easy e go Bee

Sorry bro!!! This is sad and i wish for nobody

May Gods favor fall upon you during this hard time God bless you come back much more stronger

Bro, you bouncing back solid

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