It still baffles me why people are so bullish

February 4, 2021, 11:50 pm
It still baffles me why people are so bullish
It still baffles me why people are so bullish on $ROKU but dismiss $APPS. To me they are the same, one is a platform for TV and the other for mobile phones. I know which one I use more but maybe Im wrong Can someone explain to me what Im missing.

Why not both? But seriously APPS has virtually no competitors

Own em both. Don`t trade them. Accumulate. Folllow up. Repeat.

Thanks! I assume OEMs would rather pay $APPS and focus on developing their product than develop the tech themselves. Would love to get your take on this: Great day in the stock price for $APPS. I`m new to the company, read your older thread. Great work. What worries you most about Digital Turbine going forward?

Me too, $APPS Is half of my portfolio.

Wait. Who`s not bullish on $APPS?

Yes same goes with Android too right ? But my point is that $Roku has their own platform for end to end connected TV. $Apps dont.

Your device, Your customer. Unless you control the end device, in this case, the manufacture owns the customer, not $APPS.

There is a huge difference. Apps have heavy dependency on carrier orders. Roku is a platform of it`s own and don`t have OEM/Vendor dependency

$APPS -The difference is they don`t control the end product to customer.

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