It`s time to say it & I`m here to

September 4, 2021, 2:29 am
It`s time to say it & I`m here to
It`s time to say it & I`m here to take a stand: Android Users will no longer tolerate the hate against us. Who stands in solidarity w/ me?

But android users have no problems with Apple.. Trump Sympathizers must use Apple to think that outlandish

Im team iPhone but I like to stir the pot. Nope. You funny though.

If we could send videos and pictures normally in group chats that included androids I doubt anyone would care haha

I stand with you androidstrong !


Don`t do been a good follow and fellow Ninerfam

I know , time to make up for it lol !! His was cool as hell, had our favorite on , he did a shot with us and stayed on for a bit !

I`m cool with it. Just means I have to talk to less people. I don`t see the downside.

iPHONE user here

I will not spend 1,000 on a phone. Just like I won`t buy the lottery ticket Jordans. I need money for bills, other stuff

You already know its gonna be a party !!! Shittt look at my birthday, and Kennys !!

I exclude android users from group chats. Messes everything up

Cant wait to see you and celebrate with you

Been on Team Android since day 1

Sorry Gina, I love ya but its TeamIphone Ill do the link the day of, send it to you and you invite whoever you want.

Its your day so whoever you want !!!!

You ready for next Friday ????

Always TeamAndroid

I`m here Strength in numbers! AndroidStrong He enjoys group texts that dont really work right

Hahaha, I would hope so

New iPhone features are always old droid ones too. I bet there`s a correlation between someone`s love of iPhone and Chipotle

Here here Apple is no burno lol

I got iPhone and Android and yall iPhone users are delusional. Android run circles around iPhones. I use my iPhone 85% more because everyone I talk to has an iPhone so its easier to send pics and videos but Id give my iPhone up with a quickness

Sorry sis C`mon girl I`m with you, I got your back, let`s go! AndroidPower you girl but Im an but Im not a hater! I dont hate android users some of my best friends are android users. I cant help it if you all are happy with using an inferior product

I`m with you Gina I`ve always had android and won`t change lol

So happy with my iPhone. Sad that we live rent free in your Android heads

Always! You know it .. Android users!!!!! You know I had to chime in!

I`m with you Gina!!! Ruiners of group chats!

Look. We dont care. Were not reading your green texts anyway.

Not me. Apple users that I know agree Android is superior. They just can`t leave the pack that was created by car salesman marketing tactics. They can go ahead and just keep throwing their money at the product. I can`t tell you how many Apple users in my life that are so frustrated.

Those green messages are the bane of my existence.

I will never purchase an iPhone, I don`t care what people say.

Im stuck with an iPhone for now but Im a Galaxy girl at heart forever

Ed likesEd dislikesIt`s time to say it & I`m here to take a stand: Android Users will no longer tolerate the hate against us. Who stands in solidarity w/ me?

Amen Sister! Love my Android & I will never own an IPhone again! Didn`t even realize Android hate existed. My work phone is an iPhone and my personal is an Android. The latter is far superior.

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