It`s over

October 13, 2021, 4:50 am
It`s over
It`s over. PlayStation is dead, Jim Ryan is ruining the brand as we know it.

Since the last Jim Ryan interview Dont you get it ponies ??? Yourenotenough ... 20million to 30 million sells is not enough for PlayStation

Lol how is this even the end of playstation.... talk about over an reaction

How is this bad? This is just for mobile games for their existing IP. For example, a GOT mobile game with basic hack and slash buttons to appease the casual market. It doesn`t mean that games will use the same source code that would otherwise hold back games

This is just for mobile aint it? Chill.

Jim Ryan is to Sony as Neil Druckman is to Nautghy Dog. The worst thing that could have ever happened.

Mobile, Console, PC & Streaming are 4 completely different markets, with nowhere near enough overlap for one to affect the other in any negative way. Relax.

Like it or not, mobile gaming makes considerably more cash than other parts of the industry. Theyd be foolish not to invest there, no different than Nintendo. MS is already well established there thanks to MineCraft.

Stop crying like a baby

Salman Khan would be a better Playstation CEO imo

Right, so the guy who has experience in mobile games is the wrong guy to hire...

...more cell fones than ps5s thats for sure

An ex-Apple content boss for Apple Arcade is a bad idea for PlayStations mobile push how?

Yes, Nintendo crumbled to the ground when they did their mobile push with Pokmon Go in 2016, I bet they havent financially recovered from it

People forget that Sony tested the mobile space years ago. They released Ratchet & Clack, God of War, Sackboy, and Uncharted mobile games in the past. Games that release on the console will not be released on mobile devices.

You know how Microsoft wastes tons of resources and keep trying to do things loyal customers don`t want, in attempt to chase every persons dollar on the the face of the earth? Yeah let`s do that. - Jim Ryan

Quit your crying, this will help the PlayStation brand reach more people

How is this bad? Nintendo is doing strong in the Mobile Market and look how well the switch and its software are doing.

Well we did warn you lot butnooooo. You thought we were clowning now we here lol Wait, why is this a problem? Somebody tell me.

You sure ? Cuz didnt apple make billions off mobile gaming?

Yeah, you are being a little extreme there bro

ps dead? Whit this sales?

Guess I need to throw my PS5 out the window then... BRB.

Jesus imagine being so invested in plastic boxes

As long as Sony first party studios keep making the best games on the market, Playstation will be just fine

Whats wrong with a push to mobile? Theyll have their games available to a lot more people

Ohhhhh playstation is gonna make mobile games on the side. OH MY GOD THE HORROR

OMG, you`re right. I`m gonna sell my PS5 and never buy Plays Station again... Said no one ever... nor will.

I`m moving to pc in a few days I have all play stations but it`s just not fun anymore

Well here it is the dumbest tweet ever.

Hes trying to make gaming as popular as music. Read this in another article. 32 million ppl playing 1 game is unacceptable and he believes each game could reach hundreds of millions of users. That`s his game plan and This is why these changes are happening.

Ratchet rail grind game incoming

PC gamer here. I don`t see how putting resources into the mobile market is going to ruin Playstation. Most of the Earth`s population has smart phones. PS still has their consoles and want to add another platform for games. I fail to see the problem here.

Why is everyone mad that things arent staying the same. This is simple future proofing. Sooner or later another company would do the same and PlayStation would start losing a lot of its fanbase. Just play your PlayStation games wherever you want if thats your console fine.

This is a great take

Led tears are delicious

What a dramatic! You expect the brand to sit down and relax while Microsoft is pushing Xbox toward a wider market? Things need to change. playstation needs to make more money. Exclusives only on PlayStation won`t sustain the brand continuity.

Imagine using the argument of not enough games on the ps5 to buy one, but bought a xbot lol

Stop reaching. Just plain stupid.

This news is not nearly as bad as uncharted 4 going to PC. Mobile will always be mobile and console will be console. This won`t have any large effect on our console experience.

PlAyStAtIoN iS dEaD it will never die

Bad how?

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