It`s only really two reasons I don`t like the

August 14, 2021, 12:01 am
It`s only really two reasons I don`t like the
It`s only really two reasons I don`t like the Apple Watch that much. 1. I need a iPhone to use it. (Well duh) And I never keep my iPhones that long. 2. Square watches are just ugly to me. (My Opinion)

Yeah that`s true. Standard is better. Even though it takes a little more work to swap them

I get so bored with iPhones. I think it`s because of the lack of customization.

For me the experience was better than AndroidW in terms of consistency and usefulness. Assistant would always get hung up for me Siri doesnt. To me the bezels on the galaxy watch 4 r too chunky I prefer the edge to edge stealth look of my Apple Watch. But round is a bit better.

If you have a new Android youre gonna be underwhelmed with iPhone. But idk why,Im expecting Apple to go all out next year. I feel like theyve been holding back and is waiting for that time when they fall way back before they make a good spec phone so more people talk about it.

do it or Im buying an Android not like Im ever gonna buy a smartwatch but a round variant of an Apple Watch would give more diversity

Yeah it doesn`t make sense to me. Now if I can put them both on the same band that would make sense

Because the only time they look good is when some lean dude in a suit wears it. Its hard to pull it off. + iPhone is iPhone and some people dont wanna use it

Also probably why I`ve seen people wear Apple watch with a traditional watch on a different hand

I had two Apple watches over the years. I think software is fine but I never really cared for the design.

They stopped producing it

3. (For me) the software

I remember at some point they had a watch band where the Apple watch was the clasp for a traditional watch

I had a series 4 and I didn`t like it. Just didn`t do it for me.

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