It`s honestly amazing what a game trailer can do

June 11, 2021, 11:20 am
It`s honestly amazing what a game trailer can do
It`s honestly amazing what a game trailer can do for fans. It`s been a shit year in so many ways for me, and suddenly, none of that matters.

Been a rough year with a lot of challenges. It`s incredible how a game can make you just forget all that for a moment.

Flak, that`s really good to hear man. It`s hard to put into words, but you know we`re always here buddy. Only just the start man.

Pretty neat. I think it was cool because that traer was kind of a tribute to us, as creators and gamers too. It went further than most.

Been feeling the same since the pandemic hit. This trailer really lifted my spirit out of a dark place. I cried a bit watching that trailer. Felt like a dream.

October can`t come soon enough

Haha, I feel the same. I`m a grown up and pretty much cried... after seeing... a game trailer.

Dont you think after this more videogames companies will also start showing references to their legendary moments?

It`s amazing it can have an affect like that, I`m happy for you!

your reflection a little exaggerated. it is just an illusive digital entertainment that has now been transformed into luxury. it is a pleasure to play a game of this company and franchise with which we have spent some time, But it is a game, the game does not improve your life.

Battlefield is my Prozac.

An entire fanbase getting revitalized because of a trailer thats clearly a love letter to them, after the hardest year and a half of most of our lives? Yeah im excited.

I was thinking what to write. But that emoji basically says it all.

Same. It looks all up from here :)

Me and some friends found this, I think its reference to the most major games I`m the series Hopefully its nothing but up from here man

Agreed. Can`t wait for more of your hidden detail videos.

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