It`s here!!! $AAPL Cloth! https://t

October 28, 2021, 10:55 am
It`s here!!! $AAPL Cloth! https://t
Its here!!! $AAPL Cloth!


Back in the day, you could buy a pet rock. At least that came with a story and was an actual joke.

looks like China has found a new item to copy.....

Is it compatible with Android

I got mine yesterday!

That is honestly terrible smh

Does it have Bluetooth?

try polishing your car with it

how much you paid for something you didn`t like, thats brings another question, whats the percentage for global internet sales that fall in this criteria "not liek presented","the material is cheap","the size is wrong" etc.. ? is there a solution?

Sned it back so i can pick it up as a refurb

Are you saying the value proposition is not holding up?

Looks like bog standard microfiber cloth tbh

IMO apple mask is better than this cloth.

Is it good?

yeah j just dont like it at all

Finally! An android compatible Apple product!

For 19$ i would expect like at least a 30x30cm...

Wait... we were expecting mind blowing tweets from you

What must you wipe with that?

if you order an Apple product, you deserve the experience you get. Isn`t that their mantra?

best cloth ever cant change my mind

Do you have to buy special detergent to wash it?

Nice flannel!!

like its not even a good cloth its too small

That`s another way to throw your money out...

Omg it has a little logo. Totally worth it

Can you fly with it ? Please burn it

Told my wife about that and she thought I was joking. Apple was sold out here in AU. Arrival due December. What a rip

For wiping up after?

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