It`s funny how Windows becomes more like macOS in

June 24, 2021, 7:24 pm
It`s funny how Windows becomes more like macOS in
Its funny how Windows becomes more like macOS in every version. Windows 11 now adds a center-aligned taskbar (aka Dock) and rounded window corners. Both of these have been around for more than 20 years on macOS. (Screenshot Mac OS X Public Beta, 2000).

Like i give a flying fvck about either of those things

The macOS is better. Always has been. Faster. More stable. Aesthetically pleasing. Far more intuitive to use. Built for people. Windows is built by coders for coders. Fugly. Idiosyncratic. And frustrating--year after tedious year.

Do you guys remember when Apple invented rounded corners??

It`s funny how people still use Macs in 2021.

And yet Windows computers still have something that Macs havent been able to have for 20 years: a GPU.

My thoughts exactly when I saw the leak earlier this month

Okay, and? MacOS finally let you open a Private Browser window from the dock in Big Sur, and Windows had that for decades too

So you`re saying they waited 20 years to copy rounded corners and center alignment?

I always say that is really the R&D center. They copy everything. Only difference is the MS stuff is far more open, I think thats bad, and more prone to outside attacks.

MacOS seems a lot like Linux, though. And iOS moves towards Android. That`s kind of how innovation works. You try things, sometimes you win, sometimes not. So you make changes that work. Windows11

I agree with you. Even though they`re late to the UX game, it may serve them well. "...we have always been shameless about stealing great ideas" -- Steve Jobs

Its funny how iOS becomes more like Android in every version....

If you cant innovate you just imitate :)

even more amazing that both are actually copying what Linux OS have already had for many years

Mac dumped its OS entirely. Its Linux now... they don`t even develop their own OS.

Windows is becoming more like good OSX while OSX is turning into a hand holding piece of trash. I have both. I hate using the current OSX.

except its still very ugly. would be nice if they used a lovely font, at minimum.

Mine, unfortunately, is monochrome

The Dock was around for more than a decade before that Vista/7 had rounded corners as well, but then Google apparently convinced everyone except Apple that sharp corners and flat coloring were cool. I guess UI designers are over that now, or they`re just going back and forth to make things look new so you`ll buy the update.

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